Happy Mother's Day!

Here is my Mum and DP. She shares her birthday with my daughter, she used to call me a 'Little Madam' when I was naughty (quite often, sometimes). She made me dresses for the summer with Dick Dastardly and Muttley on and butterflies and then make my dolls dresses from the offcuts. She showed me how to knit and sew and bought me wool and material so that I could have a go. She let me pick my own bedroom colours (red curtains?) and made the darned things, too. She taught me how to feed a family of seven on half a pound of mince while putting 4 children through private school; and she never complained about the effort. She took me to school with her from an early age and showed me how to teach. She took care of her own mother until the end, she takes care of me now and I love her. If The Princess and I can be as close when we're both grown up, then I will be a happy Mother. God bless you, Ma, and I'll see you later!

And another call for names for a bookmark swap; if you're interested in swapping handmade bookmarks please e-mail me & I'll get organised. I thought it would be lovely if we could get it done for 23rd April & Shakespeare's Birthday.


  1. Happy Mother's Day also.

  2. What a lovely Mum. April 23rd sounds fine as long as I don't have to read shakespear by then as I am in the slow readers group. Happy mothers day to you too.

  3. I love how you appreciate your mother so much ....


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