Some days, there just isn't anything to say....

And somedays there just isn't any time to say it.
I love reading blogs and have a list of at least 20 that I read when I have an hour or two free. My sidebar has several of my favourites, but is no where near extensive enough. I keep sliding another one into my favourites list.
The down side of reading other folk's stuff is that when I'm reading I'm not writing or crafting or cleaning...... or doing anything else.
Can I waste too much time on blog reading? I like to read them, I love to know what's happening and to see how the same and similar things float around for as while til the next fresh inspiration hits. I love how granny squares are every where at the moment, and yes, I have my squares growing steadily. I love how snow gets sprinkled every where when it snows and flowers bloom by common consent when it's spring. I love how someone makes something which inspires someone else and then on to someone else. I love how it's like a group of schoolfriends, that there are 'sets' of bloggers who seem to know each other and talk freely about each other in blogs. I'd love to make my own best friends through swaps and things, but I haven't learnt the rules of the game yet. I love that I have a fondness for certain blogs (won't name names) and love to see what's happening when the people live lives that are the same as or so different than mine. I love being nosy, too. Who is moving? Whose shop was sold out on the first night? Who has a cold and on and on...
I'm nosy; I love Flickr and seeing every one elses house. I was always the little girl who would go to someone elses house and ask for the toilet... I didn't need to go, I just loved seeing what the upstairs was like. Downstairs loos are the death of curious children. I always make a point of offfering a curiosity trip to any new girls or grown-ups that come, and then watch them flinch from the mess....

I'm ready for another swap. Does anyone fancy a bookmark swap? Please leave a comment if you do.


  1. Not sure if I am an exciting enough person to do a swap with but I would love to join you.

  2. Your so funny , so like me I always like to see around peoples houses !

  3. well well well, I'm so happy I'm not the only one who's chronically untidy... someone says it means disorder in our head...I don't believe that! I think it's just an expression of some subconscious of ours that want to be totally free...yeah right... I'm just lazy to tide up stuff that's going to be untidy the day after...

  4. So with you on everything you say - I'm up for a swap!

  5. So with you on everything you say - I'm up for a swap!


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