At last, at last at last...

With apologies to Mia, Anita, Henny and Monique here at last are the hearts from my first swap!!!

Anita's hearts all feature the word 'nostalgia' and a picture of the cutest little girl. It's pinks and peaches and very soft-toned.

Mia's heart is patchworked on both sides and in beautiful vintage/vintage-style fabrics in beige-peach-cream with a simple satin ribbon loop.

Monique and Henny's hearts were almost twins. Moniques has lovely lace and beadwork on it with a button and lace loop. It's backed with a small blue sprigged flower fabric.

and Henny's is blue and green with the embroidery thread in blue and white beads sewn on to look like flowers.

Mine were red gingham with felt applique. I have a very bright image of nostalgia. I don't do sepia photos either. Sorry.

And also today....

I got a parcel! From that Nice Mr Amazon. He really likes me because he always brings me things (usually after pay-day) and today he brought me;

I haven't even looked at it and I like it already. The cover is bright with something red on the front, the spine of the book has a pink flowery pattern all over it and the back of the book has a flickr-style mosaic on showing bags, clothes, dogs, slippers and more. I'm off shortly to shop but when I return I will be making a pot of Earl Grey, sitting down in front of Amelie and reading what may be my favourite book this week. Enjoy!

Finally, I issued an invitation and will repeat it now for a week. Would anybody like to take part in a bookmark swap? Make a bookmark, any style and swap it with me and/or anyone else? I've already got one taker (thank you Wendy, glad you're back)


  1. Those hearts are so pretty. I am off to amazon to take a look at that book it looks very inspiring. Let me know the details when you are ready for your swap.

  2. Such cute little hearts!!!

    Do you know - I've not seen Amelie yet.... I bought it in the bargain bin in Asda for 99p on video - mmm sounds like a good thing to watch!!! I'd be up for a bookmark swap too!! let me know!

  3. Great hearts!
    I'm up for the swap...however I'm not very quick with the projects that I undertake:-)

  4. Hi, yes I'd love to join the swap, it'll be my first! Wendy kindly invited me and sent me your way.Speak soon.

  5. Better late than never as they say. You were lucky to get such delightful hearts. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind, supportive comment.

  6. They are beautiful hearts. Such lovely fabric.

    Cherry xx

  7. The French sewing book is really lovely - it reminded me about the existance of mitred corners and is a mix of good basic how is should be done sewing techiniques and simple to make projects. The style is very Marie-Claire idees si it is easy to put your own stamp on something through choice of fabric or trimmings.
    There is a fantastic chairback covered with mother of pearl buttons.

  8. ah, mr. amazon. he is so nice!

    the hearts turned out great!

  9. Hello Jo. I've just recently come across your blog and it's great fun to read. I would be interested in the bookmark swap if you don't mind a new person. I'm a mother of two and live in Scotland - just recently started blogging - quite addictive isn't it? !



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