My shower is not working.

My shower is not working. I hate not being able to have a shower. I hate it.
Will my shower work tomorrow? I don't know. That depends on the plumber who is currently ripping apart my shower cubicle. It leaks, you see, and has rotted the floor underneath the shower. Yes, I know I should be thankful that the plumber is fixing my shower but

My shower is not working.

Will I smell tomorrow?
Will my friends notice?
Will my real friends care?

When my shower is fixed, I am going to wipe it down with a mixture of white vinegar and lavender oil, replace my old & daggly shower body puff and use my best shower gel for a celebratory shower. But today

My shower is not working.


  1. Oh you poor thing! Actually I'm very much a bath person but I imagine it must be hell to lose the shower if that is your preference.

  2. Oh poor you. I hope that it's fixed now.

  3. I always think that when you have to go without basics that when you get them back they become even more appreciated - I remember years ago the first time I bought a second hand washing machine, sitting infront of it looking at my washing going round and round knowing I'd never have to visit a launderette again.

  4. Just catching up with your 2007 posts. I had you on my list of favourites to browse through every day but I had saved one particular post as opposed to your whole blog, so kept getting the same post every time and thought you weren't posting! Doh!

    Read mine - you'll see we've just had our bathroom and loo knocked into one etc and at last (after 8 months ... EIGHT MONTHS ...) I have a shower again. The first one was fabulous. I felt cleaner than I'd felt since moving house last summer!!

    Hope you don't have to wait that long!


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