I have a party to prepare for...

But I couldn't resist a post today. Yes, the pink party is at 4.30. Yes, I have things left to do (like wrapping a pass the parcel, drawing a pin the crown on the princess.... and a cake. Mustn't forget the cake.) But I got the camera out to check the battery and took some photos of last week's waste of time.
I got my felt out and played. You saw a set of hair bands in yesterday's post, and here are some more. The yellow and red ones still need a button in the middle, but I'm currently searching for the right ones, something small and mother-of-pearl, I think.

The little case is my pride and joy. I have a red floral Cath Kidston phone. You see, I figured if I spent money on it, I'd take care of it, right? And then I got told by my 11 year old niece that it was way cool. Well, I am chuffed to have a way cool phone, especially since her Dad has every bit of tech kit going and this is a girl who knows her chips. But my baby was not travelling well, and I did have a sleeping bag for it, a little mitten from when my real babies were small, but it was too slippy. Then I remembered Irish Craft-worker's blog about the wee felt folk book. I got my copy out and sought inspiration. Here it is. I made a little purse, used poppers for fasteners and appliqued the flowers to match the phone. It only took a couple of hours and I am well chuffed. I think I lose points for a hand-made cover with the 11 year olds, I haven't shown it her yet, but I expect it will be voted as 'dinky' which will have to do.

And that, dear friends is it for today. I'm off to finish off the pink theme by putting a pink sheet on the table. It was either that or wash my best white tablecloth with a cheap red top. Mmm.


  1. There will be waves of envy thoughout blogland when this post is viewed - a Cath Kidson phone & a handmade felt case. What more could a girl ask for apart from a slice of birthday cake and a party bag?
    Hope the party goes well.

  2. Love the phone and the case! Hope the party goes well, lucky girl!

  3. Love all the felt goodies and your phone & phone case are both fantastic. I can't wait to see photos from the "pink party"!

  4. Love the little phone case. I ended up getting a plain white Nokia in the end so not so much need for protection. Hope the pink party goes really well. Have fun!

  5. Your phone case is so sweet! I love those Cath Kidston phones.


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