The weather outside is frightful...

But I don't have a real fire. well, I have a living flame gas-fire but it's covered in pinecones, my daughter's autumn obsession, and the amaryllis are in front of it and the central heating is quite warm enough, thank you and I'm rambling (who said again? You are a cheeky lot!)
First of all, congratulations to any who managed to get it to snow enough to cancel everything and settle down for the day. Fire on, feet up, coffee, chocolate or Earl Grey to hand, I hope. It is snowing here & sticking, I hope, so come 3.30 I shall go and collect 3 very excited children, wrap them up as warm as I can and get out there for snowmen and snowballs. It is bath-night, thank goodness, so I think early baths will be in order for all and then.... Mmm I can smell it now, roast chicken. I cook it in advance and then I can do the roasties nearer to the mealtime. Heavenly.
I didn't post yesterday, no time with clearing/ visiting/ stroking new windows. Yes! They finished and I now have windows that close out the draughts and the sound... did you know that double glazed windows can eliminate traffic noise? Amazing! And the picture shows you the mess that they make.. all gone now!
I did get out to the shops yesterday and indulged in a little thrifting. I was looking for cheap bookshelves before I resign myself to the 7th circle of Dante's hell otherwise known as Ikea, but I didn't find any. I have my eye on an old fashioned bureau that would look lovely painted white with pink flowers, but the money tree only bloomed today. I may go back for that tomorrow or next week.... after I've been to hell and back, of course.
"But Joanna," I hear you call, "What did you get?"
I got books. Of course. Childrens' books for 50p each (Three Harry Potter for JW and DP, a Naughty Little Sister book for Princess Zerlina and ... for me... a compilation of Goodhousekeeping from the 20's and 30's nicely edited for me by Brian Braithewaite and Noelle Walsh. It's a gem, containing advice on keeping an efficient home (like 'draw up a timetable for the domestic' and 'telephone your order through to the grocer at least every other day' Love it!) and adverts from the times. My scanner is out or I would show you inside. The photos can't do it justice. I also got King Solomon's Mines which, to my regret I have never read yet and a book on Colette, her of the Gigi fame. a few hours worth of perusal, I fear.

And today, well, I braved the thin layer of snow this morning to raid Mr Sainsbury's provisions store, brought it home, packed it away and settled down to a day inside. I am still in the small store room (did you know the carpet there was blue? Apparently so!) and to spend a few idle minutes with my cyber-companions. Hope your day is as calm and peaceful, hope the weather has all the best attributes and none of the drawbacks and you can settle in and 'Do' snow properly. Have a hot chocolate on me, and the daffodils at the top are a reminder that spring will be here sometime, it's just got slightly delayed.


  1. I have that book Things my mother should have taught me too!!!

    An in response to your post - I would have gladly made a cup of tea for you!

    I have to say, 2nd hand book shops are the devil to me - have you been to the one at Lady Heyes?????........ You will not escape unscathed

  2. I've definitely been enjoying numerous hot chocolates today. I woke up to winter wonderland in Kew but here in central London it has all turned to dirty grey mush. Not nice. Roll on Spring!

  3. inside its quite delightful - let it snow : but it didn't last long here, it's just grey and wet now! Nevermind you got some great books to occupy the mind, and I@ve never read King Solomens Mine either, you'll have to let me know if I should.

  4. Flat pack furniture total nightmare. We've got 2 cabin beds we've yet to put together. (Bought in September !!)


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