Today Is Going To Be The Day...

That I get my windows done.

And this happens.

And I think, "Whoah!"

Not that they can't fit the windows, because they can. It's not that bad.

But because it means I'm sitting here with the front door open, the back patio window ripped off and two down stairs windows slowly being removed from their frames. It is chilly. Well, I say chilly, it's more like cold. Well, I say cold, it's actually b****y freezing.

And my inner Pollyanna thinks, "At least my computer's sound is now working and I can sit here in my little (cold) study and type away whilst listening to some music." (Sometimes I hate my inner Pollyanna) Which brings me to the point of my post today.

There are certain pieces of music that are inextricably linked with people and places I love. Con Te Partiro, for example, otherwise known as Time to say Goodbye takes me back to Paris two years ago. Every where we went for our 'alone time' weekend that year, it was playing. I love it, it makes me cry sometimes, but they are tears of joy as I remember a beautiful time, two people in love in the city of romance.

Livin la Vida Loca is Ireland and a family reunion some seven years ago; my family and those of my three brothers all went across to a meeting of the clan. Ricky was big that year and my nieces were big into him. Imagine four little girls aged from 10 to 2 all dancing and wiggling along in a landrover and you'll see why I giggle at the song. Foreigner's I want to know what love is was playing the day I heard about my No. 1 brother's disabled son. It played a few times in the ten days that Tim lived. I can't even listen to it now without crying, and my eyes are filling up now at the thought.

It always surprises me that anyone can choose just ten tracks for Desert Island Discs. I've tried and the lowest I get is 39. I bought an MP3 player this year, and filled it in two days, after which I had another half of my collection still to go. Music is what provides the colour to my life. Happy? I need dancing music. Sad? I allow myself to wallow in love songs. Time for romance? I've had the time of my life, with or without Patrick Swayze gets me going. It was, you see, our first dance at our wedding. I have driving music like Robbie Williams or, in faster moments, Queen. Just sitting? I like a good bit of quasi-classical, G4 or Il Divo. Housework? The Puppini Sisters or Bryan Adams, although there I have to be careful not to cry at Summer of 69, which always reminds me of ...... but there are so many memories. What music makes you tick? Which records can you not imagine living without? And how loud can I play my music to drown out the workmen?........

P.S. It looks like there'll be more snow. Bummer. I need to go to the shops, as well. We're not used to it here. I should move to New England. I like snow.


  1. There an album by Reef that reminds of pre kid days, when we spent every weekend camping at the beach and getting up for dawn surfs when I worked in the UK.

  2. Bryan Adams, Everything I Do from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves gets me every time.

    The Proclaimers, I'm On My Way take me back to my honeymoon, we sand this all the way around Europe.

    I think my husband and I saw Dirty Dancing three or four times at the movies so Have The Time Of Your Life is always memorable.

    Home by Michael Buble can have me swooning and thinking of holidays and romantic dinners.

    Great post.

  3. I know - snow in Feb is BAD - shouldn't happen!

    Don't listen to Pollyanna I think she's a tricksy one!

    I could listen to music all day everyday. I must really annoy my colleagues with my singing (not to mention the Library users...) most everything is a cue for a song to me!

  4. Thanks for your comment. I love my little phone too. See you've already got the snow. Hope you are not too cold. :D

  5. I see that you have lots of snow there! There hasn't been much here in nyc but it has been wicked cold. Snow gives you a good excuse to stay indoors and make hair baubles! Thanks for adding me to your sidebar list of sites!
    I was listening to Van Halen (& van hagar) the other day which takes me back to a time with no worries or real responsibilities!!


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