My brown-eyed girl is 5!!!

The Princess of the Beautiful Dawn celebrated her birthday yesterday with a frenzy of present opening, sweets at school and the smallest dinkiest birthday cake we've ever made. She is also having a pink party tomorrow, so she won't feel cheated of a proper sized cake,a s she's getting a bigger one then.

My baby is 5! I know, I know, the other mothers told me the time flies by and enjoy every minute, they're the best years of your life, etc etc. Did I listen? Did I listen? And did I hear what they said to me?

Yes, I darned well did. I stayed at home until nursery hit, I passed my days in play until the house looked like a nursery itself, all toys, painting and play dough. I let part of me slide because there wasn't the time, space or inclination to be 'me' in that way. And now, God bless her, she's 5, at school, a well-balanced and happy girl. And I am free to be 'me' again.

And guilt free, too. I can concentrate on getting the shadow of a career again. I can make things and enjoy the experience without the niggling feeling I have to change a nappy/ collect from nursery/ put another video on. I even, for goodness sake, have a clean sink every so often!

My beautiful princess and her princeling brothers are still my favourite waste of time. I love to make things for her (hence the hairbands; nostalgia flooded over me as I made them, they are so like the ones my mother made for me at her age) and I can still spend lots of time playing house with her, but I treasure these moments. It won't be long before this time, too shall pass. But I'll think about that.... sometime.


  1. I hear what you are saying and it is such an encouraging post to read. Like you I gave it all up to stay home with my babies - career, looks (most days), money etc. - and it is just passing too fast.

    I look forward to seeing some semblance of the old me in a few years but until then bring on the play dough, the book for the fiftieth time and the finger paints all over my clothes. What is the point of not!!

    Happy birthday to your little five year old!


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