My House- Matilda the Musical

Today is my second payday as an Office Ninja, so time for a Payday Treat. This month's was easy; for 99p at Amazon you can have this little beauty. Listen, cry and love what must surely be a totally hyggelig song. This is my house. It isn't much, but it is enough for me.


  1. I've never seen Matilda so I don't know that song but I've just listened and it's lovely. 99p treats can be just as good as £99 ones.

    1. I thought of your Eleanor as I was listening; she has the soft, sweet voice that this needs. Will she ever go into the recording studio again? And I hope she keeps up her singing at university.
      The year 6 at school did Matilda for their end of term production. It is really good, a family musical in all ways. I've been waiting until I could justify it to get it. And 99p is good value!

    2. Eleanor's singing teacher retired just as she finished Year 11 and with the pressure of A Levels, she never got round to finding another. It's a shame really as she'd reached Grade 6, there were only two more grades to do. She also gave up the youth theatre at this time for the same reasons. She still continually sings in the house though and who knows what societies she'll join at uni. I'm sure she will go in the recording studio again at some point, she really enjoyed it.

  2. Both my two loved the story and movie. I've never considered the musical for them though an they both like the theatre. May have to investigate further.
    Lisa x


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