London is the Place for Me; Handmade fair, Kirstie Allsopp and Hygge.

This weekend Mr Angel Jem (OK, Peter of Peter Kneale Solicitor. Let's not pretend anymore) had a day's training to do in London of all places. Would I like to go to? It would mean I was all alone.... in London... all Saturday.
Would I like to go???? I don't think I have said YES!! quite as quickly or enthusiastically as since he proposed, and I'm ashamed to say I may have been a little more emphatic about it. I was absolutely happy about the idea of a day alone in London anyway since my little jaunt for The Chase last June which I very naughtily never blogged about! I was quite happy with the idea of just sauntering around and watching the world when I found out that The Handmade Fair was on just the weekend I was there.

I like Kirstie Allsopp anyway. Her programmes are fun to watch, and what she can do with a junk pile is nobody's business. I signed up, dressed up and went.

On the advice of my husband, I wore a summer dress. Big mistake. Although on the Thursday I would have fried in my dress, by the Saturday when I went it was freezing down at Hampton Court so my first purchase made at Kings Cross was a rather cute Lily Ribbed Scarf from Accessorize. That's about the last sensible thing I bought all day.

I don't mind being alone at events like this, it means I'm not constantly deferring to somebody else's ideas or wants. I can be completely selfish and just do what suits me. I know what crafts I like, and I can just head straight for the sewing/crochet/painting/dollmaking/christmas/christmas/christmas without someone else wanting to go anywhere else.

It also means that at dinner and break times (I still think too like a teacher at the moment, don't I?) I can talk to other people. I spoke to several nice ladies all different ages, jobs and roles in life, all of whom were happy to talk to the mad, fat lady on her own. A smile is the best thing to wear at all times.

What's that you say? What did I buy? Later... possibly tomorrow. I need to unpack it and photograph it. Let me tell you the rest of my story.

I paid for the Full Experience ticket, at around £30. It included a Super Theatre event, and two workshops. You could choose which events to go to, so when I booked there was a lot of umming and ahhing as I decided.

My Super Theatre Event was Kirstie talking to Amelia Freer, a supernutritionist. I had her book already, but I am more convinced than ever to give it a go, having seen how much better Kirstie is looking on the plan. It's a healthy, gluten free, sugar free plan. I've been writing the shopping list today and it's doable, especially with a spiraliser and a Nuitribullet. This was my one chance to see Kirstie all day, but since I was the third person in and sat on the second row (first row was reserved for VIP people only) I did get a very good look at her!

She talks on stage just the way she does on TV and I think that's probably how she talks in real life. I do know she answers her tweets quickly and is very polite, even when people are rude about her. (I wasn't, of course!)

I had paella for lunch and a liquid afternoon tea, in the form of a French 77 cocktail. It has pomegranate syrup in it and was very yummy!

There were two workshops, one before and one after Afternoon Fizz. I made a brooch and a tasselled necklace. You can see the brooch above, with the cocktail. It's very pretty and will just go well with my jade coat, once I get it cleaned. I'm after wool from Yarndale for a scarf as well, but that's next week's adventure.
Click on the picture to visit Amica Accessories; cute felt Christmas wonderfulness!

I spent any spending money I had in two great big shopping marquees. I could have wandered for hours, looking at all the things. I took a couple of photographs, but other stalls were just too busy later in the day to get near.

Sally's Shed does beautiful painted houses; again, click the picture to go through!

The makers were mostly very nice and welcoming. I'm on a promise to Joe's Toes to take my cash and get felt slippers from Yarndale next week, but I need to raid a few piggy banks first! I browsed felt makers, glass painters... every craft going. I stayed away from the yarn stalls, mostly, because next week is Yarndale and I will be going again. But it was a cracking day out.

Would I go again? Yes, if it were part of something. I don't think I'd go just for the event, but if it was a weekend away with Sarah or Peter's training, then yes I would.

Was the Full Experience Ticket worth it? I think so; the fact that you had three experiences pre-booked and ready to do meant that the day had a shape to it. I also booked my programme in advance, which was fun. And the Super Theatre was the only chance to see Kirstie close up. I don't know what she spent the rest of her days doing, but I never saw her again.

The rest of my weekend was brilliant as well, but that's my lunch hour gone. I'll have to tell you more next time. Only enough time now to say pop on over to How to Hygge the British Way where I have a new post, Hygge in the Big City about finding hygge in London. What do you think of Kirstie? Is she like Marmite in your house? And would you travel far for a craft event? What's the furtherest event you've been to? (either accidentally or on purpose)


  1. It sounds like a good day out. I've only been to Yarndale but I'd like to visit another craft show, perhaps the knit and stitch show which is in Harrogate. I really can't make my mind up about Kirstie, sometimes I like her and then other times I'm not so keen, perhaps it depends on my mood.

    1. Are you at Yarndale this year? I'm there on Saturday, with Sarah and then in Leeds on Sunday. We're doing the Leeds Owl trail you talked about because neither of us has a ton of money to spend, and Sarah loves owls!

    2. I still don't know about Yarndale, it will be a very last minute decision. Eleanor moves to Nottingham on Friday and Daniel's home to look after Archie while we take her so it will depend on his plans too.

  2. I think I would have enjoyed this event. I do like Kirstie Allsop, she is always so well dressed, curves and all, and I'd love to have her style (or maybe budget). Glad you had a fun time!

    1. She has loads of dresses all made for her in different material. Such a good idea if you find a style you like and that suits you. The event was very good fun and if I get the chance I'll go again. She held one in Manchester last year, but with filming Location Location Location and her Christmas show, she hasn't the time this year!

  3. I'd have loved to have gone and I love Kirstie - so down to earth. Thanks for sharing your day out. Am hoping you'll want to blog about Yarndale too......... :-)

  4. What a full day out, sounds like it was well worth the price of the ticket. I do like Kirstie, you do get the sense that what you see is the real deal.
    I've only really been to the CL fairs in Islington as far as this type of day out goes.
    Lisa x


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