Hygge. I eat, sleep and read hygge.

I am loving the slew of hygge books that fell through my postbox last week. From the first day of September onwards I have been busy reading about and thinking through how to make my home hyggelig and ready for the A word and the W word before the C word strikes.

Do you hygge? 

I love it. It's like the fanciest comfy-cosy-safe-together idea I know. And untranslatable. But then, they said the same of pyjamas and bungalow, and all we Brits did was use the word and eventually just think they were our idea in the first place. 

I am a big hygge fan (you'd never guess) and since everyone else will now understand what I mean when I say let's hygge, I am going to use the word as much as possible as many times as possible as many places as possible.

Let's Hygge the British way

How to Hygge the British way
Click on the picture to go to the site.

My new baby. I haven't had a thing I feel so positive about since last week, when I did the SEO for Peter Kneale Solicitor and he jumped from page 8 for 'no win no fee solicitor Liverpool' to page 4. It's a start.
The new blog is going well, three posts already and I still haven't established what I want to do with the blog for the year. I suppose I really want to take the elements of hygge that are most Danish and find an equivalent in British culture. So, for example, the beautiful snowy white Danish throws would be handmade crochet blankets.... coffee becomes tea; that's the idea. And on the way I'll talk about how creating a hyggelig life is actually a search for contentment and we Brits have been doing it all along, just never given it a name.

The Little Book of Hygge

I'm still heavily into the research element at the moment. That means a lot of reading. I finished this little baby of a book at the weekend;

and loved it. Meik Wiking was on Saturday Live on Radio 4 last Saturday (10th September) and I still have to go back and listen to it. The book is very well written, a combination of  manifesto and method. It goes into the why of hygge, why people need it and why it's so big in Denmark, and then the how. How nature helps, how candles are a must and how different places can lead to different styles of hygge. The quality of the paper (yes, I know that sounds weird) is excellent, a really beautiful texture and scent, while the illustrations in the blue, gold and yellow strike a beautiful balance of modern and traditional. I really want the manifesto in poster form on my wall. I must photograph it and share it; you'll see what I mean.

And the week begins....

So, there's my week planned, reading and living hyggelig. What are you up to? Are you crafting? Working? Sleeping? Let me know, and I'll be popping over to have a hyggelig time with you x


  1. Crochet blankets and tea. Looking forward to seeing what other things you come up with. My week is dedicated to Eleanor, lots of last minute things to do before she goes off to uni.

    1. We've found out that really we should have thought about this university malarkey a while away. We may be on an emergency shout out to the University for his loans and tuition... it will be fun!

  2. Surely reading books about hygge is the most hyggelig activity there is? Especially if you read them while wrapped in a hand-crocheted blanket consuming tea and scones. Even better if it's raining outside.

  3. I clicked on the picture but permission to access the blog was denied.
    Tea and crochet throws and candles. I'm there.

    1. The link is fixed! I changed from Blogger to Wordpress because I've been having issues with Blogger and it's attitude to editing posts. Stinker. There will be tea and crochet and candles both here and there, I promise!

  4. Looking forward to reading more about hygge, I hope the work/home life balance is good.
    Caz xx

    1. Work-life balance is much better now, I have work I love and life I love so life is good!

  5. I love the concept of hygge. In fact I first read about it here on your very blog! I look forward to reading more about hygge.


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