Blogger, why are you messing with my head?

I keep writing posts at blogger, and changing them, and having multiple posts show up in my post shelf, some of which are on the blog and some of which aren't. I am not a happy bunny. And it's not just this blog; I run Peter's blog on Blogger as well, and Sarah has started a blog to run alongside her business GCSE project. And they are all playing the same game with me; every blinking draft I write gets stored on the post index. I need to take a closer look at the settings. There must be something I've fiddled with.

Anyhoo. On to business. How are you all? I am well, thank you, and working hard. We have a case management system which I haven't been able to use until today... and now I have a log in and all of a sudden Peter's come over all efficient and telling me to do stuff like payment letters and requests for medical records. Honestly, you'd think he pays me to do his donkey work...... oh, wait... yes, actually he does. And the promise of a cut of any profits at some undefined future date. This time next year, my son....

But for now I'm still safe squeezing out a minute or ten to write my own stuff. I'm enjoying writing about hygge and there are a few posts up on my hygge blog that I shall draw your attention to later. But it strikes me that this big fuss about hygge has passed craft bloggers by mostly, and for good reason. Many of the blogs I read and follow instinctively practise hygge anyway. Y'all keep house with the idea that the family come first, and that the little things in life are worth a million. You celebrate having cosy houses and cosy crafts and there is so much calm chilled-ness in my corner of the blogosphere that it is wonderful. I'm enjoying experiencing the feeling that although we never had a name for it, it's something we already do.

How's my week? Well, I'm stuck on my crochet. I had a sore hand a couple of weeks ago that was really painful, and my joints were aching, so I stopped for a while, which is a real pity because my daughter has asked me to make something especially for her. It is a.... (wait for it....)

Mermaid's Tail. They're big at the moment. And we had the wool because the blanket for her bed that I started last year was so boring, I never did more than 10 rows. I frogged it and started again. It's not much further on than this photo which was taken back at the start of September, but when it's finished it will look like this;

The mermaid's tail pattern is from Yarnutopia, who also has a handy Youtube video that you can watch for more hints. I'm using stylecraft DK, instead of aran weight mostly because I didn't have the cash to splash on aran and I did have a pile of DK wool sitting around in all sorts of fishy sea sort of colours. I'm using two strands together and a nice thick hook, so it's really warm and cosy. Very hyggeligt!

And that's actually really about it. I never realised that full time work was so full time! I still have a couple of tuition lessons to do as well, and with a house to ignore it's just work, work, work. Still really enjoying it, though. It's never boring.

If you'd like to read more about hygge and the hygge sensation that's sweeping the nation, then please head over to How To Hygge the British Way. I tend to be a little more regular there (while it's new and I'm building it up). Recent posts have been;

A review of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Why every town needs a Hygge Ambassador (and why we'd be perfect for the job!)

I write this with my woolly tights on... about how hygge doesn't cost megabucks. It's not a shopping list to buy, it's a life list to be.

And Season of Mists and Mellow Hyggeness about Autumn and how good Autumn hygge can be. I'm looking forward to writing the posts about Winter hygge, Christmas hygge and all the other hygges that you will nod and go, "Yes, we do that already" to. Please pop by and read, and comment here or there if you like, and comment if you don't. I don't mind criticism. It's part of my world.

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  1. I am sorry you are having problems with Blogger. I don't ever seem to have any. I have worked with platforms that are much much worse (at work) and as a result I am a bit of web wizard (frantically touching wood now). Hygge comes less naturally with full time work and children all over the house but I do my best to be all hygg-ed out (is that even a word?) for at least a few minutes a day. The mermaid tail looks fab, both your WIP and the finished example. I quite fancy one of those if you have a spare moment. Mine would need to be the size of a blue whale mermaid hybrid. Have a lovely evening. x

    1. Hygge is just right for when you work full time and have children; that's precisely when you need the break and a rest most! And as for ever even thinking about making another mermaids tail.... get back to me after I've made this one. i will either love it and be all "Yeay!" or....

  2. I just knew you were going to say it's a mermaid tail before I got to it, that will definitely keep Sarah cosy through winter. It's looking great. Perhaps you could sneak it under your desk and then you could keep hooking up a couple of rows when Peter isn't looking.

    1. Ha! As if I have time to crochet at work (between blogging, website making, looking out the window....)
      I may make myself one in the end... not a mermaid's tail, but the same principle would make a good Dragon's Tail for a Mother of dragons, wouldn't it?

  3. I love the colour combinations for the mermaid tail, it's going to be fab, I made Imogen one last year and she loves it. I'm afraid Hygge has passed me by, I shall have to look at your other blog xx

    1. Hygge is such a good idea; we do it already, it's just great to have a name for it! And do, please, pop by the Hygge blog!

  4. I had that problem with blogger too, hope you got it sorted.
    Love those mermaid tails, I can't do knitting or crocheting but I know S would love one so I'm planning on buying one as a pressie for Christmas.
    Lisa x

    1. I resolve it by blogging as little as possible on Blogger. Not a proper solution, but a workable one. S will love it... pictures, please, come Christmas Day!!!!

  5. I have that problem too with Blogger periodically! tis most annoying!!!! That mermaid tail willbe great!!x

    1. I suspect it's an upgrade that I didn't want and will be rectified with another upgrade I didn't want but need.


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