I grab it where I can...

Half an hour in the house free from people, work and that little nagging voice saying "You should do the washing."
Be still!
Go AwAy!
Just let me be!!

I never realised how much I would miss just being at home, not doing, not making, not having the endless list of work (house or otherwise) and how much worse that would get when Mr was at home working full time and I was out til 2pm, leaving a bare 60 minutes when I could sensibly hope to have time just to be before children came home.

And how much time a new business takes! It is all-encompassing, like a baby, like an elderly relative, it sucks time up and spits out little in return. Don't get me wrong, like a baby or my aged P's I love it, I really do, I love knowing that the website is mine and the IT skills I use and expand daily are well worth it, adding to my CV and meaning I feel more confident and able to say yes to opportunities that beckon me on.

But I still need to be the sole practitioner in my abode.
In my house.
In my home.


Morrisons came through for me big style today, with their hyacinths at £1.25 for 3 bulbs just peeping through. I coordinated with just white, in the absence of any sweet smelling blues. And I treated myself to a basket of magazines. You can see my new year resolutions are clearly expressed in the choice: to look after my body, get fit, make something and be happy with the simple things in life. It's my nurturing budget for the month gone at once, but worth it. I can avoid the shops and get on with creating stuff.

Funnily enough, Simply Crochet had the patterns I needed to get started. I will get my cotton yarn out and get covers made for my tins. I'm thinking of covering some tuna tins just to have pots of goodness for my hyacinths, but that'll wait.

Today at 11.30 I sat still.
I drank a cup of warm chocolate, with cream and marshmallows.
I read a whole magazine from cover to cover.
I ate a mini bar of chocolate.
And I relaxed.

And breathe.


  1. A precious hour to yourself to do as you like is to be savoured.
    Lisa x


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