Gratitude 3/365

  • Watching Death Comes to Pemberley with Mr Angel Jem and then today with my eldest and youngest.
  • Having a lovely chicken and chorizo paella to make for candlelit supper for just me and Mr AJ tonight.
  • Watching the rain on the windowpane outside as I sit inside.
  • Rippling along with MY blanket
  • Pear cider nicely chilled

Money Spent today
£29 in Tesco's. It was 4 pies for lunch, some ladies necessities, 2 tea towels for £1.75 and two magazines that fell into my basket; this month's Country Homes and Interiors and Craftseller, just for the Scotty Dog.
£2.99 on John Newman's album, Tribute. This was with a £2 voucher from Money Saving Expert


  1. I enjoyed the first two episodes of that but thought it was all a bit rushed and tidied up at the end.
    Lisa x


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