Playing Hookey.....

I have been busy busy busy. On Monday I grabbed my hook and found my pattern and got going.
My teapot was looking cold and my tea was getting colder (see this post at Happy Angel for how I likes my tea!) so I sat and started.
There was a teacosy in Granny Chic that I liked; but the pattern was bewildering (see here as featured on a newspaper website) so I looked elsewhere. On Crochet With Raymond's archive site I found just the one.

Mine won't come with a beautiful cat, unfortunately, but it could come with a dotty crochet hook (bought from etsy; for similar see here)
 I found the pictures and pattern on Crochet with Raymond easy enough to follow and to work out what to do to adapt it for a larger teapot.
 And as I hooked and adapted to suit, I thought how bizarre it is that what was once a simple matter; let's make a teacosy, becomes a complex pattern and let's buy a book or spend ages on t'internet to find one.
 My Nan crocheted but she just made it up as she went along. Our next door neighbour was even worse/better because she made coats, hats and everything without being willing to read more than a Mills and Boon (not dissing M & B; Mollie just never got past them and never touched anything long) she just did it, and sometimes just unwrapped and began again because she had tenacity in crochet if not in reading.
As I crocheted I thought how sad that sometimes I will not start a project without a pattern or guidance from a book. And after the success of my Tab cover and my heart garland I made a promise to myself.

I will just do it. I will just have a go and be willing to fail. And I will make those things I have thought about and never got done. So today, there isn't just one Ta Dah!

There are two. I made a cafetiere cover to match. And I looked and I saw that it was good.

To make a cafetiere cover was easy. I made a chain that was just long enough to go from handle to handle. I crocheted in single crochet to give a lovely thick weave and made a straight square/oblong deep enough to reach just under the lip of the pot. Then I made a slight slope either side of the lip, just by staggering the ends by a stitch each row.

I made a second side in a contrasting colour, repeating the basic shape.
I joined the two pieces together with single crochet all the way around. This gave the cover a thick insulation layer that will really keep my Saturday coffee warm.

I used 4 buttons on each side to make it reversible and made a simple crochet chain for each button point. The same chain will fasten both sides, so that was easy.

And I made them coordinate, natch.


  1. Who's a clever clogs then? Wow, I'm impressed, they're both fabby.

    1. Thank you! Evennthe husband likes them.

    2. Thank you! Evennthe husband likes them.

  2. They both look great! I bet the tea stays much warmer now. Tea and magazines in bed. Perfect.

  3. They both look wonderful. Great job! :o)

  4. Well there was no stopping you, they both look great. Love the colours.
    Lisa x


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