Happy Easter!

I will be away from the computer (probably) for a week or so, so I wanted to take the chance to say Happy Easter to all the people who come across this blog, whether regular friends or pop-in todays. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and that it is peaceful and happy.

My house has been decorated for the season.... not finished yet, but nearly.
 I made the bunting in a couple of evenings. It was very easy, just a few small flowers and a triangle of crochet. Please don't tell me bunting is out this year, just as I have finally made some. I have plans for the summer, too.
 You can see how simple the flower is, a chain of 4, a set of ten dc into it, and a slip stitch followed by half treble, treble and half treble. It takes seconds and is just so useful. The original pattern I used (Attic 24 of course) is here. We have plans for the summer, like brooches, hair slides and bobbles in purple, the colour of her new uniform.

 The daffodils were made by a local lady and sold as brooches for Marie Curie cancer Care. We owe them a lot for Mr Angel Jem's Mum so we always support them. The chick is a creme egg minder, also made locally and sold for the local Children's hospice, Claire House.

 The card and cross were both made last year by the Princess. She crafts as much as I do, but can't do crochet (yet) and is a bit wooly about knitting. She beads.

 The ducks, chicks, bunnies and lambs are the result of a few years collecting spring animals. A couple of them were visual aids in my teaching days. A couple make a noise, and often result in decent yells reverberating around the house. (Like 'put that bloody thing down. If you squeak it one more time I'll ram it....' You can imagine the rest. Teenagers. So restful.)

 And the full fireplace effect. On a slant. Don't know why, I was sober.

 The little bird was the result of me joining the WI... how cool is that? We had a craft evening about birds and this was the kit I brought home to do. I blogged about it as a happiness here on Happy Angel.


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Loving your Easter stuff, and your yellow wall behind the mirror makes it all look even more spring like! x

  2. Happy Easter to you! I think your decorations look so happy and springlike. I hope you enjoy your week. :)


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