My Filofax Week.... Week 1

I have so admired other Filofax pages, with their colour and organisation, that this week I decided to join in. A pretty (girlie word but I like it) and practical diary makes getting and staying organised enjoyable. Life is too short not to enjoy scheduling. That's my March resolution.
The theme this week is red. Red and black, power combination. Love it. The diary stickers are from rikyandnina on ebay... I love these so much I have more coming for Easter! .... and the washi tape was from Amazon. Thank you to all the inspirers out there who have made me envy planners of beauty. Hope you like this peep inside mine!


  1. Love the tape.
    Hope you have had a good Easter.
    Lisa x

    1. Thanks!We were in Ireland for Easter! On a farm with lambs and a rooster. I loved it!


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