Half an hour to drink a hot chocolate?

Time alone is precious as any Mum will tell you and time alone in a decent shopping area doubly so. I ended up with a half hour break between appointments yesterday in Liverpool. Just long enough for a hot chocolate (you must have cream on hot chocolate according to the girl in Waterstones) and a little crochet time. These flowers take moments and are part of my next make. Can I count this as April's make even if I finish it in March?


  1. That looks delicious and the time sounds divine. I think if you don't finish the whole project until April it could count for April.

  2. Little time outs like this are so restorative and very necessary I think, especially if there is hot chocolate too.
    Lisa x

  3. Yummy hot chocolate. I think you'll need to leave the very end of the project to finish off in April for it to count as April's make. Looking forward to seeing what it is.


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