Filofax; Spring Cleaning my set up

I have been using the same Filofax set up for about 6 months now. Bar occasional tidying up and clearing out, I haven't made any big changes. Until this week, when I felt the need to rejig  a little.
 I still have my family flyleaf and the front pockets full of cards, stickers and stuff.
 This plain sheet is a tri-fold A4 trimmed to make my brain dump page. Cheap, easy and disposable of with very little guilt.
 A shopping list is always necessary, isn't it? The zip envelope is a place for receipts and tags that I want to keep safe when I'm out. These all go after the first page protector but before the first labelled divider.
 Dashboard.... I'm looking for a cute pad to put on the other side for notes etc. And you can see the diary top tab here. I like top tabs just for the side space they give. Room for extra pens, innit?

 The diary is going to undergo a change. I have been using week to a page with a lined sheet opposite for menu, notes etc but I was watching Filofax videos (dangerous) and thinking that my plain pages are.... uninspirational. Watch this space.
 Cotton cream and black ink will be staying, but I'm going to get the extras through the post and start Embellishing.
 GTD pages; computer, home, errands, calls, waiting for. I wonder why Filofax don't have the gumption to do 'pretty' and functional? Or even to offer alternative typefaces in their diaries?
 Inspirations and quotes. I love these little cards; they're just enough to write a quote on.

 The dividers are still Vanessa Arbuthnott scrapbooking paper laminated and punched. Top tabs read; Diary,  Next Actions, Life, Christmas and Holidays.
 Life is all those lists I want to keep close. Books, films, blogpost titles and rough ideas.
 Everybody needs a packet of stickers. The Eiffel Tower was the placecard for a beautifully organised and elaborate renewal of vows we went to.. It's a bookplate, so self adhesive. Love it. 
 Finally, a food shopping list and some prayer cards. You can see my two Parker pens here. Black ink in black, red ink in the maroon. With a pencil and a ruler tucked into the back pocket, I don't need any more pens in my handbag.

Yes, it is very full. Quite heavy and takes up a fair bit of real estate in my bag.

 But it has everything to hand that I use daily. And it still makes me smile when I get it out.

 Have a good week. I will be back with my diary pages when I have pimped them up. Colour coordination, stickers, washi, the works. Can't wait. Hurry up Mr Postman!


  1. You are so organized! I wish that was more natural for me. I love your pretty planners.

  2. I have to try hard to be organised! I was never the cool girl in school whose exercise book was 'pretty' and cool. Keeping a Filofax organised is just enough, but the rest of my life is a mess! But thanks for the comment.

  3. Having everything in one place is so organised! And so tempting reading your posts about them.
    Love the daffodil in your header.
    Hope you all have a great Easter.
    Lisa x

    1. Thank you! I find blogreading is always tempting. There are so many things I see and then want to do/read/get that I have to remember I can't do everything so I have to be selective. Planning helps with that too!

  4. Gosh, you are well organised. I have a diary that I never use (!)and so all my to do lists are on scraps of paper which inevitably I lose. I really need to get organised and you've inspired me to dig out my old filofax. Maybe if I pretty it up a bit, I might be tempted to use it! xx

    1. I can't live without a diary. I forget enough as it is. Filofax has saved my life several times just because I have everything I need at my fingertips. Get yours out and give it a go.. . Whs has reasonable inserts as a test!

  5. I too love my Filofax, even though it is very old and battered and weighs a ton in my handbag.

    Happy Easter to you!

    Gillian x

    1. Thanks, Gillian. I can't get rid of the weight and sometimes..... often, actually, the red book has just what I need!

  6. Very pretty planner - love all the red.

    1. Red is best, Printed Portal. It puts a singing in my head (as one of my favourite books put it)

  7. I love your filofax! It was inspiration when I had to buy myself a new one, and really wanted to decorate it :)


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