A Ta Dah!! for March... already?

With the plan being to make something for every month of the year, I am well ahead for March. I finished the knitting for this on Friday and it was just waiting for a spare five minutes to be finished..... it still needs a button, but I know the one I want, a large 2cm diameter wooden pine coloured one. My button box is (ahem) not where it used to be so I must await a miracle and see if it turns up over the next couple of weeks when I move all the stuff from the Lupin room to My Craft Attic. Fingers crossed!

The case was easy, really. I used the free wool that came with a magazine (I can't find the magazine to name it!) and cast on 25 stitches for each side. I did plain stocking stitch for 7 inches and then a Knit 2 purl 1 rib for another 12 rows before casting off. My front side is plain, the back is striped with a really random, gosh-what-colour-have-I-grabbed-now stripe and rib in the same colour as the front.

Every set of two rows had two ends to stitch in; that was the worst part of Fridays work, but at least it kept me quiet. Ha.
And today I just sewed a circle of blue felt and a red heart cut free hand in felt (got to love felt!) on using blanket stitch. I need my button. Is it reasonable to cut one off a coat just to use on my case? Don't answer that!

The case keeps the tablet safe in my bag. I have to say that I use the tab a lot more than I thought I would, as it has become my internet access of choice at home and, even without wifi, it is my address book, diary and notepad of choice at the moment. Poor Filofax, lying at home besides my chair and waiting for the day the battery loses its charge half way through my work. It will come, I know it will. Just let me enjoy watching trailers on a 7 inch screen a little longer... please?

Oh, and does anybody know a good (by which I mean adaptable) recipe app that will go over all the android family and on the computer? I am hankering after a recipe storage in the cloud sort of thing; so that I can access it wherever I am. Just wondering.


  1. That looks great. Very crafty indeed. :)

  2. Can't help with the app but I can say your handmade cover is very sweet, stripes and hearts, great combo.
    Lisa x

  3. A fab case. I do love stripes but hate sewing all the ends in. How can you desert your lovely filofax?

  4. Congratulations on your make. I wish I had the concentration to be able to sit down to one thing, but I seem to be flitting left, right and centre at the moment (and still rippling my huge blanket!). Unfortunately I'm not sure about apps; my usual advice is to try lots until you find one that you like. There are other apps that can sync to the cloud, should you need that functionality.

  5. I have no clue about Android apps, but am just admiring your functional crafting from afar.

  6. Help! I can't be polite and answer you all straight after your comments! How off is that?
    Thanks for the compliments on the case. I used it all week and I am loving having a colourful tab in my bag. The button 'fell' off a coat and onto the case in the end ;) so it's all finished!

  7. If you want to be able to reply to individual comments, go to settings, then posts and comments. You need to change comment location to embedded. Hope that works for you.


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