What's in my bag....

I've never done one of these posts before, probably because I've never had a bag I love so much nor had such an edited life stuffed within. I used to be Akela at a cub pack and I like to Be Prepared, so basically I have always had a Big Bag and everything inside. Headache? Here's a pill. Need scissors? Here! Pen/pencil/stapler/hole punch? All here!
But last October we went to London and I bought a small Cath Kidston satchel in the Bicester outlet shop and used it all that week.
What a revelation! Small bags are cracking; you don't get given everyone else's 'stuff' to carry and you have to be sure that everything inside your bag earns its place. I used my CK satchel until December, when I had saved enough to get a 'posh' small bag.

This is a Bailey and Quinn from Debenhams, bought heavily reduced in the sale, along with its little matching purse. Matching is cute. Princess gave me an Eiffel Tower charm to put on because (I quote) "The picture looks like Paris with the bicycle and the love birds, because Paris is the city of romance". The bag measures approximately 20 by 26 by 8 cm, way smaller than the large totes I usually go for, but I'm amazed at how much it fits in!

Clockwise from the top left; Clinique lipgloss, nailfile and buffer, three crystals for happiness and health, paracetamol, antihistamines, small Cath Kidston purse used for makeup and medicine, red Malden pocket Filofax, business cards, Eden perfume atomiser,smartphone with red dotty case (!), small purse, set of keys, headphones for phone to double as MP3 and Youtube listening, red dotty mirror, scissors, tweezers and eyebrow brush. Wow! 

And here is everything packed away in the bag, a place for everything.....


  1. Truly gorgeous bag.
    And love the dotty phone case.
    Lisa x

  2. Thank you! Dots make me happy.

  3. I love the bag. I use a Cath Kidston day bag, and there's plenty of room for everything I need to carry around with me.

    1. I have a red spotty one I use as my school bag sometimes!

  4. Love red bags. Love all bags.

    1. Oh yes! I had a clear out of bags... Just can't get rid of my red ones!


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