Happy New Year!

My my, 2013 already! How did that happen? And I know 2012 was a bad blogging year for me. Don't know what happened. I didn't spend a lot of time online, I kept thinking of posts and them *cough* forgetting to write them. Even going mobile didn't help. Shame on me. Especially since blogging and being a part of the blogosphere made me happy. So I have one resolution; to blog more. That means I have to live more to have stuff to blog about. This site will be my home site, my life base and the place I come to pour out my heart and mind... thanks for listening!.... but I wanted a shorter route to post just one thing a day, a happiness project I have been thinking about. Happiness was hard to define last year, easier to say what stopped me being happy (work, money, some people, not having a purpose) and I didn't feel my usual happy self. That's probably a big part of why I was so slow to post.
Having a deep belief that a gratitude attitude influences happiness I am setting out to find 365 'things' that make me happy. So I have set up a daily blog at Happy Angel, a daily diary to record what makes me happy and in writing about them and feeling the gratitude to feel happier. Winner all round, I think.

Back to the regular programming. Did you have a good Christmas? I did. We spent the day itself out at a brother's house where there were about 20 for lunch. Crazy fun, but fun. We had our Christmas party (20 again) on Sunday night and last night was a small and simple family event. Probably the last time it works like that. We watched Tomb Raider altogether as a family while anyone under 16 ate fish and chips before the adults had a chinese and watched the traditional Hootenanny with Jools Holland. My but he is cool! It just about worked, but DP is 15 in February and even the Princess is 11 so next year we are going to change the family tradition. Adapting traditions that don't work or adopting new ones is a necessary part of being a family. Next year... this year (must get used to that) we can all have a Chinese banquet and play family games while watching a good movie (Iron Man 3 will be out by then) before watching the cool guests on Hootenanny see in the New Year and opening the curtains to watch everyone else's fireworks.

And 2013? Well, I wish everyone in my family, friends and acquaintances a very Happy New Year. May we love deeper, live better and feel happier than ever. Bless you all x


  1. Happy new year to you and yours too.
    Yes things do have adapt as our little ones grow.
    We had pizza last night, got to be a takeaway on NY eve I reckon!
    Love the idea of your new project, good luck with that.
    Hope you are enjoying all your new 2013 filofaxy things!
    Lisa x

  2. Happy New Year. It was a takeaway last night for us too. We have a great local takeaway which does Indian food, pizzas, burgers, fried chicken amongst other things, so there really is something for everyone.


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