The Princess speaks....

I am the Princess. I am 10 but my birthday is 44 days away. I like to play with my Sylvanian Families and especially  liked it when we went to London  where we had to go to the Sylvanian Families shop. Mum will put some pictures on later.
I like to bake and do crafts.
Iwould most like to make squidgy chocolate brownies but mum can't find a recipe that will work.


  1. Hello, Princess. This is the recipe I use for brownies. They are verrrrrrry delicious!

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  3. The Princess speaks;
    thank you for the recipe we are going
    to make it today

  4. Hello, Princess. It's nice to know more about you. If you like orangey chocolate, try these brownies, they're delicious and very squidgy.


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