How to make Chocolate Brownies the Princess way.

Mummy it says grease and line a tin that measures.... well, that one looks big enough but might be smaller.

Get my favourite pink bowl. Mummy, you got this for me from when Woolies was still open and I  was a little toddler and now you tell me stories of how great they used to be for anything house ish.

Put it on top of the scale. Take it off and try again. What does oz mean? Press that button. Mummy aren't the words on the scale funny? Like Oz. Like the Wizard. And what is a tare?

Get the ingredients for the brownie out.

275g butter. Do we have butter, Mum, or will Butterlicious do? I made butter at school once.
375g sugar. It says caster sugar. Oops. I put in 380g. Will that matter?
4 large eggs. When I did some cooking at school I put some shell in but the teacher said it would only make the cake crunchy. I don't want crunchy so I'll pick that big bit out... wait... yes, got it.. no. Oh well, never mind. It's only small.
75g cocoa powder. Will Galaxy drinking chocolate do? No? But I like it more? No, Mummy, don't look at me like that. I'm only 10. I won't learn unless you tell me.
100g self raising flour. What colour is that Mummy? Is it the green one? S-t-r-o... no, it must be the blue one because you've suddenly grabbed that flour off me and given me the blue bag. What makes it self raising Mummy? What does it mean?

Look Mummy, we've done step one. Well, I've done step one. You've not helped much, have you Mummy?
Step two is fun, it says all I have to do is mix with a hand-held electric blender until evenly mixed. I can get the blender, Mummy. Look it's here already. All I have to do is turn it on and put it in the  bowl... Oh look Mummy. The flour flies up if you put the mixer on its side. Look, it's like snow... and it makes your black jumper all white, too, Mummy. Lovely!

Can I lick it yet, Mummy? What, wait until it's all mixed? OK, yes, well the flour is a bit dry. I tried that before.
No, Mummy I'm sure it's all mixed in I don't need to give it a stir with a spoon.... oh look, you were right, there's a pile of flour underneath. You can mix that bit in while I lick the blender blades but you can't do anything else.

Step three says put it in the pan and scrape the sides with a spatula. Is that to lick, Mummy? I like spatulas. You can lick a lot more mix with them. I like the white spatula with the hearts on Mummy. It's nicer. Stuff tastes nicer on it too.
Now you can smooth it Mummy. Don't lick your spatula, that's dirty. Can I write on the top? I want to put a 'S' on it and then lick my finger. Oh and I want to draw a face in it as well.....

Bake for 40 minutes. That's a long time really. I can watch iCarly.

Will you call me when they're ready? I don't want to keep checking on them, just call me when they're ready and I can eat them....

With thanks to Anne, whose kind link sent us to the recipe and apologies to Jo, whose recipe hasn't been made (yet)


  1. thanks for popping by my blog. You really must make the caramel sauce. One jar down and one to go in my fridge! Amanda x

  2. That was a fun post. It made me remember baking with my girls when they were 10! (A long, long time ago.)

    Licking the spoon - or the spatula - is the best bit about baking ... other than the eating, of course! :o)

  3. I think someone preferred the licking of the bowl to the actual baking. Looks like you had lots of fun together in the kitchen.

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  5. Hilarious!
    Bet they tasted very good.
    Lisa x

  6. Thank you for all your comments! The Princess is keen to start her own blog (ha ha)and keener still to make brownies. We had to make them again on Friday evening ready for Saturday breakfast!


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