Filofax update; my 2013 set up so far.

When last we talked Filofax I was in a crimson Malden. I was loving my red, I had my one and only, my OTF.

OK.  I went through an A5 Malden in purple phase. If it had been red, perhaps I would still be there. *sigh* Or if my Chameleon A5 were a Malden perhaps I would justify the size. *sigh*

But life is life, yes? And common sense says that A5 is LOVELY to write on but just TOO DARNED HEAVY AND BULKY to carry around. Sorry for shouting.

I am back in a crimson Malden. But not my personal size. Matt Malden is resting at the moment. I am using (and loving) Matty Malden, his little brother. Yes, my pocket Malden has surfaced again and I am loving using a pocket Malden as my out and about Malden.
But you want set up posts, don't you?

 My flyleaf is awaiting a photo of my three best people, yet to print out from this Christmas. Until then it's a Mary Engelbreit picture cut from an old calendar.

 The first section holds shopping lists; a household shopping list, a 30 day do I really need and want this thing list and a running food list where I jot down what I know we need or will need next week as I'm out  on the go, before I add it to the regular grocery list.
 A vertical year planner. All the inserts are cotton cream. I like the feel and the colour looks better with my black pen. Every month has three lines; S, C and PM for Supply, Children and what we are up to in the evenings.

 The diary is a week to a page in 4 languages. Each section is about 1.5cm and I do have to write small. It keeps me neat! I tend to keep morning at the top, evening at the bottom and pm floats in the middle. The meal plan for the day is written at a right angle on the left of the entry.
 The lined sheet opposite also has the week's meals listed, then the budget for the week with a record of my spending and just enough space to jot down notes, numbers, addresses that I need.
 Fortunately I don't have a busy life.

 I use To Do sheets for a lot of my organising; another set of menu plans (they also go on my phone calendar and a chart in the kitchen), my GTD sheets, Kindle reading to do and done, recommended books, films, websites etc.

 Final section is plain lined paper. I'm building up a section of quotes and prayers slowly, or here is where I capture ideas, info, important numbers or other stuff I may need in a hurry.
 My back flyleaf is a top opening pocket (two together) and I keep personal photos here. This last picture is Santiago de Compostella, because one day I dream of doing the Camino, and opposite him is a copy of Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross. I suppose it's really a portable altar.

And a final magnetic bookmark of the Eiffel Tower, parce que j'aime La Paris! C'est la plus belle cite du monde!
I don't do stickers, I haven't any space for multi coloured pens and I like monochrome. It's calming and classic. My pen is a cheap Parker with black  ink and I don't mind. It doesn't smudge or bleed through and it suits the utilitarian requirements of a Filofax.


  1. I love my A5 Chameleon but it's too heavy to carry round so it's used as a home file, which is actually what I bought it for. I use a pocket Malden in vintage pink as my carry around filofax.

  2. I love the Maldens. Pocket seemed too small for me at first, but I adapted what I needed. I have my Chameleon at home as a happiness/projects/homemaking file.


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