Nearly the end...

Today I almost sent my daughter off to school all alone. No, seriously, she would have been the only child there with a staffroom of teachers. I misread the letter and wrote the date wrong on the calendar. Fortunately SHE said it looked very quiet for a school day so I rang and checked. Please don't tell anyone. oops.

In my defence it was 8.30 and I wasn't awake. We crept into the house and she crept upstairs and back into her pyjamas. It's now 10.14 and I am awake.

But at least we know her uniform is ready.
Shoes shone, shirt clean and tie in a place she can find.

Thanks to Anne we have a brownie recipe to try out. That was seriously the Princess posting yesterday. She seems very struck by the idea of lots of blogmates. She thinks the idea she can ask for a recipe and get one THAT NIGHT is awesome!!!! So this afternoon's treat will be chocolate brownies. Lovely.


  1. I know my two would have liked an extra day off.

  2. I hope the brownies tasted good! :o)

  3. They were AWESOME!!! So good I had to writethem into my recipe book at once. We really enjoyed our day of grace and I got a clean bedroom out of it.... just in time for the plumbers today!

  4. Oh no! So funny - I have nearly done this a few times but realised in the nick of time. But a day at home baking and eating brownies does sound preferable to school, I have to say.

    Gillian x


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