Oh what a beautiful morning!

Isn't life wonderful? I am half way to deciding what my next step will be, half way to a house that will not disgrace me, I had a lovely night last night with my dearest darlingest husband, I am surrounded by luck and winning online twice in a week. That's TWICE IN A WEEK!! and life is beautiful. My Ma rang to ask what shoe size the princess is so she can get her pink crocs.... pink crocs, I might need a pair and to say that she had found some Corolle dolls comme on a vu a Marie Claire Idees, did I want one? (Duh? Of course!) The rain is saving me the job of watering the garden, I can wear my favourite Butchers window top (everything is on display) and I feel good. When your friends ask about the smile and the glow you know life is good. Mr Amazon delivered the Barefoot Contessa in Paris, my two favourite Time Lords are going to battle it out tonight (And, thank goodness, I know that David is not leaving after this series, but hopefully this episode will make me cry. I do dearly love a good cry) and all my family are well, happy and 'bien dans leur peaux' (if that's the right way to make it plural.... school girl french. Very cracked.)
My most wonderful cyber smiles to you all today..... It's a good day. I wish all of you a day of sunshine even if the weather is dismal, grey & dark.


  1. Ahhh I call them bingo tops (eye's down!) I'm v soggy from Abakhan shopping - and I CAN'T WAIT for Dr Who - vvvvvv exciting!!!!

  2. I'm so happy that life is so wonderful for you just now!
    It has been a while since I last wrote, thanks for your concern! Life is up and down at the minute, just when you take one step forward, something makes you go back again. But I'm coping, and living! Will hopefully update today

  3. Glad to hear life is so good for you, winning twice you lucky thing! And pink crocs, I'm drooling! And Mr Amazon, I love it when he calls, he must be due to visit me soon :)

    Gill x

  4. Hi Jo,
    Catching up with your posts. Glad to hear that you had a great day.
    And congratulatins for winning the giveaways twice. ;)

  5. Dr Who was fab tonight (as always) Just a shame we won't be seeing more of the gorgeous John Simm as 'The Master'.
    I have tried to email you but don't know if I have been successful?

  6. Your "Joy" is infectious. I am now smiling. Thanks

  7. So did you enjoy Dr Who? And can we really wait unti Christmas?

  8. I'm going to have to wear sunglasses for this blog!! I'm so glad you are in the pink again Jo.x

  9. How will I cope without a weekly dose of the lovely David! sob!

  10. It sounds like you're feeling very positive - could you send some of that feelin' down here, so I can make it through the rain we're having?! Not to mention the leaking kitchen roof *sniffs*!

    Have a great week!

  11. Oooh yes, pink crocs - jump at them - I am living in mine and either people are commenting because they genuinely like them, or because they think "Poor old soul, better be kind to her, she's clearly lost it." I'm not sure which. Anyway, I'm glad you've been having a good time!

  12. I am glad today is beginning with sunshine for you!

    What television show were you speaking of? Are you a fan of science fiction? I watch some sort of trek everyday... sighs... I have loved star trek ever since I was a little girl when my dad would watch the b/w reruns of the original series on television on Weekend mornings. I wanted to be near my daddy, so I would sit at his feet to watch t.v. with him. Thus, I became a fan of Lost in Space and Star Trek at an age when most children were still fans of romper room! :-)

  13. What a super post. I am a tad late but will take those thoughts into the evening and into tomorrow too if I may.

    Cherry xxx

  14. Gosh, it does so make a change to hear that someone is actually enjoying life!!! Andrea x

  15. Hi, I just happened on to your blog and it looks like a place I'd like to come back to. I also noticed that you have my Sunday Afternoon Drive blog linked and I'm pleased. I hope you enjoy my journeys with me.

    You have some links I think I'll visit.

  16. I'm so glad your happy, and all in life is going well. Aren't those days fantastic !

    I assume your talking about Dr Who, I missed the last eposide. And I just love Captin Jack. WE saw John Barrowman at christmas time in the pantomine at Cardiff. (Wherehe lives.) He was at the stage door after, we had his photo and autograph, and he was really chatty. - love Julia x


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