Lots of thanks and pictures, first.

I did tell you I 'd got a bag from Dollie Daydream as a prize, but I didn't post any pictures (I hadn't put them on the puter. Don't ask.) So, because I am chuffed by it and very grateful to have won again..... never in the real world only in the virtual, I'm thinking of becoming a full time avatar and being one of those strange people you only ever meet in online games. I'm going to be a six foot tall blonde haired amazon who can stop a man at sixty paces with her eyes and make him quiver with pain and anticipation before she snaps his neck in a single move... Oh dear, too much Tomb Raider, I need to start reading Woman's Weekly again.

The bag is beautiful, it has the most wonderful combination of colours and I used it this week as my bag of choice. Thank you, once again, DollieDaydream.

And now a warning; for those of you with a nervous disposition & lusting after Marie Claire Idees; Look away now. Domesticali, bless her offered & I said yes and today I have lusted, yes, lusted after the magazine & its idees. Not as deeply as I do for David *heart* but as deeply as a six foot amazon with blonde hair..... ok, stop again.

Along with the magazine I got a new pink bag.... this one ideally sized for magazines so I made sure it fitted a few good ones from Borders in. I love the pear and apple pattern, the shade of pink is one that, until the Princess hit 5 I would not have considered, but is actually my shade of choice this year. Mmmm. Life is good. Here's the pictures; look, lust & plan, my friends.


  1. I enjoyed catching up with you and aren't those french photos lovely!!!

  2. Lucky you! It all looks scrumdiddlyumptious!

  3. Nice!!! look at those cups and saucers!!!!!

  4. My pleasure, glad you're enjoyinh it!

  5. hey you
    you are my winner!!
    go take a peek x
    tracy x


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