If I tell the doctor I have Keraunothnetophobia, what will he do?

A. Give me some antibiotics.

B. Get the men in white coats out for a little holiday.

C. Send me for therapy (& meet me there himself)

It's a cool phobia.... it knocks agrophobia and claustrophobia into a top hat. Firstly, you can't spell it, you can't say it and it is totally irrational. I know, I know, phobias are an irrational response, but at least if you're scared of flying you know there is a reason, I mean, planes do fly in the sky & sometimes they crash too. Like wise, claustrophobia is understandable. If you're somewhere small and airtight then there is a chance of suffocation, or spiders bite or you may bleed to death, but Keraunothnetophobia (and I pasted that, I couldn't be sure of spelling it right twice) is totally irrational. Do you know what it is yet? (If you are like me, you probably opened a separate window and looked it up on google) A fear of the fall of man-made satellites. Yes, it's actually ChickenLickenitus. I might work on it. I would love to run around shouting, "The sky is falling down!"

And, of course, if you actually have Keraunothnetophobia or ChickenLickenitus, or you know someone who does have, you have all my sympathy. And the address for the Norad Satellite tracking station on your bookmark list. When is the next satellite due to fall out of orbit?


  1. lol....I had a claustrophobic experience yesterday. I don't think I'll develop Keraunothnetophobia just yet...far too much to do! heheh you don't really have it do you?

  2. I think you're going to get hate mail... What's a mail phobia called? Might just go and google it...

  3. Golly should I laugh or feel sympathy? Just make sure you don't go running into Foxy Loxy.

  4. You'd never leave the house would you? In fact, you might have to build an underground bunker and live in there - still, you can never be entirely sure that would work either... Whatever you do, don't look up!!!!!!! (apologies to all Keraunothnetophobics).

  5. Okay so your offically mad ! And that's coming from the most offically barmy girl in town myself !


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