What? Bears do minimalism? Who knew?

Once Georgie had been done and dusted, passed over to her new owner, said owner set about creating a bear house. Because (ahem) Every Good Bear Deserves .... ok, a Flat doesn't quite fit the musical note mnemonic, but it's close enough.

Said owner is not famous for her minimalist tendencies. Having inherited a good few genes from me the 'if a little is good, more must be better and so much that you can't move must be the best' attitude has usually invaded her bedroom, wardrobe and pencil case. She's organised, yes, but she organises a lot of Stuff. So when she disappeared off to make the house, I thought of wild decorated walls, pictures, lots of furniture, bright bedding, all her Sylvanian accessories re used.

I never expected this positively Danish retreat, the white walls, furniture and bedding. Positively beautiful.

Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?


  1. I hope G is very happy in her/his very minimalistic and creative new home.
    Lisa x

    1. Very happy! Although the widescreen TV she put in for the football spoils the effect somewhat.

  2. How cute. I like a minimalist look myself but it's not easy to achieve in real life!

  3. I'm subscribing to the idea that minimalism is not necessarily an absence of stuff, but more an absence of overcommitment that frees me to do more things (hence Georgie) That means I can still have all my belongings and claim a minimalist mindset!


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