Meal Planning Monday

A good week for food. We have a new Aldi near us and we are just testing it out for a few weeks to compare prices and quality. So far there is very little we would rather have bought at our usual supermarket, except coffee and perhaps fruit juice concentrate. Oh, and they don't do bagels but since the Princess has got braces on her teeth, then bagels are out anyway.

So menu for this week;
Monday; Spanish Pork and pasta. A family favourite from Delia Smith, with an updated recipe available here; Broccoli as a side.
Tuesday; Mustard coated chicken; I should be using chicken thighs here but the price of a  whole chicken is too good to resist (£4.99) so I shall be cutting the chicken up myself. First.time.ever.
Wednesday; Salisbury Steaks and potatoes. Fancy burgers, basically, but I may dip them in egg and breadcrumbs as well. And the potatoes are potato gratin from Aldi. They take 30 minutes to cook to soft. I need to learn how to make gratin and then just do it.
Thursday; Frikadellen and pasta; Aldi do brilliant German/Austrian meatballs. We use two packs for our 5 hungry people but at £1.89 each that's a meat for a meal at only £3.78. With a cheap pasta sauce or a good home made one, it's a reasonable and filling meal.
Friday; The hubby is out and we are at play. The Abbey Fryer will cook tea for us, probably fish and chips or pie and chips.
Saturday; Meat kebabs with couscous and ratatouille. On the barbecue if the weather holds.
Sunday; beef or pork, I haven't decided. We're not doing anything that day, so I can choose nearer the time. Either way it will probably be braised in the slow cooker so that a delicate, tooth brace wearing daughter can eat it with no problems.

Very much a recipe free zone. I have been cooking from Jamie's Money Saving Meals for a few weeks and I am having a break to see what recipes I miss and need to integrate into usual family routine. The weekly shop cost us £62.84 with breakfasts and lunches included, which at Sainsbury's (our usual supermarket) would have cost us £87.43. I would work out the saving, but I'm flabbergasted. I wish I was sponsored by Aldi, I can tell you, I am a convert. Add to the distinct savings the fact that a lot of our Christmas treats usually come from Aldi and I can't see us switching back any time soon. It's even closer and within walking distance, saving money on petrol as well. Winner!


  1. I've never got in to shopping at Aldi or Lidl, just the odd one or two bits if I've been passing. I love Morrisons but it's out of the way so we don't always shop there. Your meals sound delicious, can you set another place at the table please.

    1. You're welcome anytime! Just let me know when!

  2. Hello, I am new to your blog. I have shopped at Aldi a couple of times, but it is out of the way for me, so by the time I have driven there the costs would not necessarily be outweighed by the savings, but I would go there if it was closer as they have some great things don't they. I look forward to reading more from you, your weekly menu sounds delicious indeed!! xx

    1. Hello Amy, nice to meet you. Aldi used to be out of the way for us, too and only a place I'd go to with my Mum. It has a good selection of things, not anything dead fancy but we like the continental feel of some of the stuff.

  3. It sounds great, Angel. I like to make my list for the week too. I used to shop at Aldi all the time when I lived in the east, but we don't have them here. I miss them. I thought it was a great store.

    1. We are still in a honeymoon period here, but at the moment the benefits of the shop are still too good to miss; £25 savings is not to be sniffed at!

  4. I really enjoyed this post! I switched to Aldi a while back but I tend to alternate now, doing Aldi one week and Asda the other. I still can't get everything I want in Aldi and it annoys me that they only do one flavour of squash/cordial (apple) that isn't full of artificial sweeteners. But goodness it's cheaper. You've planned some tasty and frugal meals there, I'll be stealing a few of your ideas I think! x

  5. I’m sure your family would enjoy that delicious menu! You’ve got a great combination of foods that suit both the kiddie's appetites and the adult’s preferences. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your next meal plan, Angel! Well, I just hope you’ll post photos of your dishes next time too. Thanks for sharing!

    Debra Slaughter @ Hunky Dory

  6. We have had a Lidl open near us recently. I love their fresh bread. Apparently there is a website which reviews Lidl and Aldi goods and tell you which ones to try and ones to avoid! I tend to buy certain things from different places and stock up on things we like when they are on offer to try and save money.
    Lisa x


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