Tired? Emotional? Take to the craft box.

The Princess spent Friday night on a sleepover with 5 bezzies for a birthday party of a friend. 5 twelve year old girls does not give much sleep, and Saturday morning dawned far too early for her. By the time elevenses came, she was curled up on our sofa and sleeping off the effects of the night before. This does not bode well for the future, when such nights may well be fuelled by alcoholic as well as high spirits!!

It did mean that by the afternoon she was tired but restless and ready to do something but not anything hard.

Enter the craft I have been meaning to do for ages but just never got on the table.

I remember back when I was a Brownie making a match box house, for real matches at a time when people still smoked and used them, and having a great time doing them. And ever since the Princess was a reasonable size for crafting I have been meaning to make one again.

We used the big kitchen matchbox, emptying a load into a Bonne Maman jar just to free up two, because sometimes a craft needs to be done as a pair. A quick raid of the felt box and plug in of the hot glue gun (remember; it is hot) and we were set up.

It was a simple cut and paste job, just picking colours, glueing the sides and roof on and cutting small shapes to use as the windows and door. The Princess lined hers in dotty blue gift wrap (cutting it out of the middle of a large sheet; why do children do that?) but I have a wish to create a Brambley Hedge style interior, so mine is still blank.

And no house is a home unless it is lived in and loved, so we had to make the inhabitants. Just had to, didn't we? Despite the fact it was nearly tea time and I should have been cooking bolognese. Break out the Fimo, and a little kneading and baking later and the people were done. You can see I went very traditional red and green in style. The Princess has gone for mix n match gnomes, but I am banned from showing you her people because they are going to be on her website. Of course.

And by the time 7 o'clock struck, we were chilled, happy, relaxed and ready to join the human race again. I plan to make a mouse house during the summer holiday, complete with little Fimo mice and twisted wire furniture.


  1. Fabulous. I love Fimo, so useful for all manner of things. Eleanor's sleeping out tonight, it's a regular occurrence now there's no school.

    1. Is she bored yet? David has finally reached a point when he is happy to stick out washing just to have something to do!
      But only one load and only once a week unless I pay.

    2. I don't think Eleanor would ever be bored enough to hang a load of washing out. Just had a text from her, can you pick me up at 2 please? Course I can, I'll just get the taxi out!

  2. It's adorable! You two did a great job with it. I can see how it must have soothed that sleep girl. :)

    1. And how! The fimo is very therapeutic because you have to soften it first, so there's a lot of rolling and squeezing. I must get my box decorated....

  3. Such a cute craft. Sometimes losing yourself in a craft is the best way to go.
    Lisa x


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