The Hippy Hippy Backpack in action

I know, I know, I owe you pictures of my Autumn sunset backpack. I didn't get to the computer the next day. Apologies.

Instead, here are some action shots of my Princess with her backpack, wearing a flower garland for Midsummer at Tatton Park last weekend.

 Doesn't she just look like a hippy worthy of Glastonbury? I think I really love her choice of colours, especially when she chose blue flowers for her hair.

Next stop, San Francisco.


  1. Fabulous, both the backpack and the flower garland. The princess is one cool hippy chick.

    1. She is! And a pleasure to make for, as she gets so enthusiastic about things!

  2. The princess has a great look going on there. Good combo!
    Lisa x


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