Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Filofax Week.... Week 1

I have so admired other Filofax pages, with their colour and organisation, that this week I decided to join in. A pretty (girlie word but I like it) and practical diary makes getting and staying organised enjoyable. Life is too short not to enjoy scheduling. That's my March resolution.
The theme this week is red. Red and black, power combination. Love it. The diary stickers are from rikyandnina on ebay... I love these so much I have more coming for Easter! .... and the washi tape was from Amazon. Thank you to all the inspirers out there who have made me envy planners of beauty. Hope you like this peep inside mine!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Filofax; Spring Cleaning my set up

I have been using the same Filofax set up for about 6 months now. Bar occasional tidying up and clearing out, I haven't made any big changes. Until this week, when I felt the need to rejig  a little.
 I still have my family flyleaf and the front pockets full of cards, stickers and stuff.
 This plain sheet is a tri-fold A4 trimmed to make my brain dump page. Cheap, easy and disposable of with very little guilt.
 A shopping list is always necessary, isn't it? The zip envelope is a place for receipts and tags that I want to keep safe when I'm out. These all go after the first page protector but before the first labelled divider.
 Dashboard.... I'm looking for a cute pad to put on the other side for notes etc. And you can see the diary top tab here. I like top tabs just for the side space they give. Room for extra pens, innit?

 The diary is going to undergo a change. I have been using week to a page with a lined sheet opposite for menu, notes etc but I was watching Filofax videos (dangerous) and thinking that my plain pages are.... uninspirational. Watch this space.
 Cotton cream and black ink will be staying, but I'm going to get the extras through the post and start Embellishing.
 GTD pages; computer, home, errands, calls, waiting for. I wonder why Filofax don't have the gumption to do 'pretty' and functional? Or even to offer alternative typefaces in their diaries?
 Inspirations and quotes. I love these little cards; they're just enough to write a quote on.

 The dividers are still Vanessa Arbuthnott scrapbooking paper laminated and punched. Top tabs read; Diary,  Next Actions, Life, Christmas and Holidays.
 Life is all those lists I want to keep close. Books, films, blogpost titles and rough ideas.
 Everybody needs a packet of stickers. The Eiffel Tower was the placecard for a beautifully organised and elaborate renewal of vows we went to.. It's a bookplate, so self adhesive. Love it. 
 Finally, a food shopping list and some prayer cards. You can see my two Parker pens here. Black ink in black, red ink in the maroon. With a pencil and a ruler tucked into the back pocket, I don't need any more pens in my handbag.

Yes, it is very full. Quite heavy and takes up a fair bit of real estate in my bag.

 But it has everything to hand that I use daily. And it still makes me smile when I get it out.

 Have a good week. I will be back with my diary pages when I have pimped them up. Colour coordination, stickers, washi, the works. Can't wait. Hurry up Mr Postman!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I stake my claim...

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Happy Easter!

I will be away from the computer (probably) for a week or so, so I wanted to take the chance to say Happy Easter to all the people who come across this blog, whether regular friends or pop-in todays. I hope you all have a lovely Easter and that it is peaceful and happy.

My house has been decorated for the season.... not finished yet, but nearly.
 I made the bunting in a couple of evenings. It was very easy, just a few small flowers and a triangle of crochet. Please don't tell me bunting is out this year, just as I have finally made some. I have plans for the summer, too.
 You can see how simple the flower is, a chain of 4, a set of ten dc into it, and a slip stitch followed by half treble, treble and half treble. It takes seconds and is just so useful. The original pattern I used (Attic 24 of course) is here. We have plans for the summer, like brooches, hair slides and bobbles in purple, the colour of her new uniform.

 The daffodils were made by a local lady and sold as brooches for Marie Curie cancer Care. We owe them a lot for Mr Angel Jem's Mum so we always support them. The chick is a creme egg minder, also made locally and sold for the local Children's hospice, Claire House.

 The card and cross were both made last year by the Princess. She crafts as much as I do, but can't do crochet (yet) and is a bit wooly about knitting. She beads.

 The ducks, chicks, bunnies and lambs are the result of a few years collecting spring animals. A couple of them were visual aids in my teaching days. A couple make a noise, and often result in decent yells reverberating around the house. (Like 'put that bloody thing down. If you squeak it one more time I'll ram it....' You can imagine the rest. Teenagers. So restful.)

 And the full fireplace effect. On a slant. Don't know why, I was sober.

 The little bird was the result of me joining the WI... how cool is that? We had a craft evening about birds and this was the kit I brought home to do. I blogged about it as a happiness here on Happy Angel.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Half an hour to drink a hot chocolate?

Time alone is precious as any Mum will tell you and time alone in a decent shopping area doubly so. I ended up with a half hour break between appointments yesterday in Liverpool. Just long enough for a hot chocolate (you must have cream on hot chocolate according to the girl in Waterstones) and a little crochet time. These flowers take moments and are part of my next make. Can I count this as April's make even if I finish it in March?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I have had a lovely day with a lie in, pizza lunch, tea cooked for me and a blissful afternoon of crochet while I watched that greatly undiscovered Mother's Day treat, football on the telly. Liverpool won (relief)
I got my cards today but Mr Amazon will deliver my gifts shortly. I'm not sure what counts as gifts and what I got myself. I'll post about them when they come!
Best wishes to you all x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Playing Hookey.....

I have been busy busy busy. On Monday I grabbed my hook and found my pattern and got going.
My teapot was looking cold and my tea was getting colder (see this post at Happy Angel for how I likes my tea!) so I sat and started.
There was a teacosy in Granny Chic that I liked; but the pattern was bewildering (see here as featured on a newspaper website) so I looked elsewhere. On Crochet With Raymond's archive site I found just the one.

Mine won't come with a beautiful cat, unfortunately, but it could come with a dotty crochet hook (bought from etsy; for similar see here)
 I found the pictures and pattern on Crochet with Raymond easy enough to follow and to work out what to do to adapt it for a larger teapot.
 And as I hooked and adapted to suit, I thought how bizarre it is that what was once a simple matter; let's make a teacosy, becomes a complex pattern and let's buy a book or spend ages on t'internet to find one.
 My Nan crocheted but she just made it up as she went along. Our next door neighbour was even worse/better because she made coats, hats and everything without being willing to read more than a Mills and Boon (not dissing M & B; Mollie just never got past them and never touched anything long) she just did it, and sometimes just unwrapped and began again because she had tenacity in crochet if not in reading.
As I crocheted I thought how sad that sometimes I will not start a project without a pattern or guidance from a book. And after the success of my Tab cover and my heart garland I made a promise to myself.

I will just do it. I will just have a go and be willing to fail. And I will make those things I have thought about and never got done. So today, there isn't just one Ta Dah!

There are two. I made a cafetiere cover to match. And I looked and I saw that it was good.

To make a cafetiere cover was easy. I made a chain that was just long enough to go from handle to handle. I crocheted in single crochet to give a lovely thick weave and made a straight square/oblong deep enough to reach just under the lip of the pot. Then I made a slight slope either side of the lip, just by staggering the ends by a stitch each row.

I made a second side in a contrasting colour, repeating the basic shape.
I joined the two pieces together with single crochet all the way around. This gave the cover a thick insulation layer that will really keep my Saturday coffee warm.

I used 4 buttons on each side to make it reversible and made a simple crochet chain for each button point. The same chain will fasten both sides, so that was easy.

And I made them coordinate, natch.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Ta Dah!! for March... already?

With the plan being to make something for every month of the year, I am well ahead for March. I finished the knitting for this on Friday and it was just waiting for a spare five minutes to be finished..... it still needs a button, but I know the one I want, a large 2cm diameter wooden pine coloured one. My button box is (ahem) not where it used to be so I must await a miracle and see if it turns up over the next couple of weeks when I move all the stuff from the Lupin room to My Craft Attic. Fingers crossed!

The case was easy, really. I used the free wool that came with a magazine (I can't find the magazine to name it!) and cast on 25 stitches for each side. I did plain stocking stitch for 7 inches and then a Knit 2 purl 1 rib for another 12 rows before casting off. My front side is plain, the back is striped with a really random, gosh-what-colour-have-I-grabbed-now stripe and rib in the same colour as the front.

Every set of two rows had two ends to stitch in; that was the worst part of Fridays work, but at least it kept me quiet. Ha.
And today I just sewed a circle of blue felt and a red heart cut free hand in felt (got to love felt!) on using blanket stitch. I need my button. Is it reasonable to cut one off a coat just to use on my case? Don't answer that!

The case keeps the tablet safe in my bag. I have to say that I use the tab a lot more than I thought I would, as it has become my internet access of choice at home and, even without wifi, it is my address book, diary and notepad of choice at the moment. Poor Filofax, lying at home besides my chair and waiting for the day the battery loses its charge half way through my work. It will come, I know it will. Just let me enjoy watching trailers on a 7 inch screen a little longer... please?

Oh, and does anybody know a good (by which I mean adaptable) recipe app that will go over all the android family and on the computer? I am hankering after a recipe storage in the cloud sort of thing; so that I can access it wherever I am. Just wondering.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday WIP

I am busy getting some stuff ready for a night in Wales with the family: most of my relatives will be there for dinner tonight and a dinner dance. So of course I should be busy packing and checking stuff. And I am knitting.
It will be a case for a piece of techie kit. You'll see it on Monday or Tuesday. Once it's sewn and finished, embroidered and buttoned. Have a good weekend!