Put another Shrimp on the Barbie and chuck me a Canny.....

Oh my! It has just been soooo hot! And last week I managed to score a whole week of work in a nursery class, so there was a lot of hanging around outside, playing with water and keeping in the shade. I love nursery and reception because something as easy as brushing up the mess under a bench becomes a life lesson (keep your habitat clean) that they can carry forward to later life.

And we have been doing stuff at home, too. The princess has a fascination with barbecues, apparently.
I hadn't owned one since about 1998, when I put it aside as too much stress and danger to do with young children, and sheer laziness stopped me getting a new one.

 But I saw a £10 barbie at a time when I had a spare tenner, so this year we are rediscovering the joys of burnt sausages and flames that lovingly flicker around cheap burgers. Oh, and of toasting marshmallows (yum) which we usually do as an aperitif as the flames flicker inches high and before the hot embers are at cooking point.


  1. We did our burgers on a BBQ last night and afterwards we toasted jelly babies! My goodness they were sticky and oh so sickly sweet!
    Lisa x

  2. We recently bought a proper bbq and have used it loads this year. Although we only ever seem to cook cheeseburgers on it! We should probably try something a little healthier... x

  3. I love a good barbie outside, it's more sociable and usually saves of washing up!


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