Meal Planning Monday

When I lose my Filofax I can't plan properly. I know it is just upstairs, but I can't be bothered to walk up. It's just too darned hot. So this week's meals will be easy, not oven based, and quick.

Mon;Pork Fajitas made with an Old El Paso kit. Too easy after a day out with elderly relatives and before WI (7pm!!!)
Tues; Sausages with rice and red pepper. I have some red peppers left over from last week. I am trying to buy as little as possible this week. Please.
Wed; Burgers made from fresh mince with cheese and grated onion, served with homemade bread, potato rounds and salad. More salad please.
Thurs; Bacon pasta, made with a Lloyd Grossman sauce and 
Fri; Homemade pizza for the kids and risotto for the adults.
Sat; My parents have invited us for KFC as a treat. Yum.
Sun; Possibly roast leg of lamb. The church are having a gala afternoon and I think I can slow bake a leg of lamb while we go.

A good week. Not too much prep and easier cooking for the summer. My daughter wants a barbecue soon. maybe next week, or the week after when they finish school.


  1. Everything sounds delicious & perfect for this weather!!
    Have a fab week x

  2. Roast leg of lamb sounds good to me. We don't have lamb very often as it's not a household favourite so I always enjoy it when we do have it. I'm hoping that this bbq weather lasts in to the holidays.

  3. I've not made pizza in ages - sounds like a lovely week :)


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