My June Ta Dah! Finished and now revealed.

If you read my post, I Know Something You Don't Know, you know I was busy for a week in June. I bought the cotton yarn (stylecraft cotton DK), set to with a will and a 3.5mm crochet hook and I made granny squares. 30 in total, 12 plain and the rest a lovely mix of red, yellow, orange, blue and ivory.

Vintage Pretty soon guessed what was in the ether, and here it is in all its glory, my very own, don't ask for the pattern cos there wasn't one, bag.

I joined the top squares with a line of single crochet on matching ivory, but I decided to sew the plain ones together so there was a contrast between the pattern and plain in texture as well as colour.

I used folded squares so that the bag could be long enough without being too long, but to make a shorter or longer bag would only be a matter of taking or adding a row or half row to the bag. It means the base is angled rather than squared, but I like that.

The strap was easier than I thought as well. I single crocheted the first five rows around the top, remembering to increase at the top of points and decrease in the valleys, before chaining the straps to the length I wanted (I copied it off a bag handle with a strap length I liked) and carrying on for another eight rows all round.

Ultimately I want to line the bag, but I'm still trying to decide/find the right pattern and whether to use pockets inside or not. The straps have curled around on themselves, but I like the effect, so I'm not bothered, and all in all I am a happy bag lady.


  1. It is a very pretty bag indeed. Well done! It looks just the right size to be useful but not too big to be cumbersome. :)

    Tash over at

  2. Wonderful, and it had to be red of course. I love it.

  3. very nice bag, like the red! I have some bags on the go, just keep meaning to line them and then will do a show and tell! Heather x


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