Happy Birthday Aunty D!

This is my Mum (on the right) and my Mum's cousin who celebrated her 80th birthday last Sunday (end of June).
Yesterday I drove up to her house (about 60 miles) to collect her, bring her back to Liverpool and take her to the Adelphi which she had NEVER been inside and always wondered about. They don't do afternoon tea mid week, but the restaurant in the basement, called Jenny's, deserves great and lavish praise because they not only prepared a pot of tea and coffee, but treated my Aunt to her birthday cake for free. Say what you like about Scousers (and my Dad does) but they can be the kindest people around.
And my life lesson for the day? I don't want to wait until I'm 80 to do something on my bucket list. Live now. Now!!!

Happy Birthday Aunty D!!


  1. Happy birthday to your aunty. How lovely to be treated like that.

  2. Happy birthday wishes to your Aunt, what a lovely birthday treat.
    Lisa x


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