Meal Planning Monday.... on Tuesday

My my how time flies..... How often do I say that? But it really does, don't know how.

Our menu this week;

Mon; We had chicken with pesto rice. Love it. Well, actually, I don't like pesto so I had rice with  a teaspoon of Marigold Bouillon powder to make spicy rice instead.
Tues; Pizza for the kids and then risotto for me and Mr
Wed; Spaghetti and meatballs. Cheats recipe using a Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce with herbed mince meatballs.
Thurs; Sausages cooked anyhow. Probably with mash because I have a bag of potatoes that need cooking.
Fri; Durham. Ha. A weekend off cooking.
Sat; Ditto
Sun; Back to reality. Probably something with noodles and quick to cook so I don'y have to come back to earth too quickly.

Have a good week! See you next Monday (Tuesday)!


  1. This year is flying
    Enjoy your weekend off cooking....I dream of one of x


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