The Uncommon Reader

As I sit watching the State banquet live on TV (I'm a sucker for a state occasion) I couldn't help but notice that the pink flowers in front of the Queen are slightly higher than those in front of the rest of the table. This could just be a case of the triangularity of flowers or because Her Majesty is always sat in the centre of the table but having read this book, I know the reason is really because Her Maj has her paperback stood up in front of her place.

 For such a short book, the Uncommon Reader is so funny. It has made me look at her in a new light and always makes us (DH and me) wonder whether she really does ask people what they're reading. It's a short book, but very quietly subversive in the way that only Alan Bennett can be. Oh, and he must read the audiobook. You can hear his voice as you read. Brilliant.


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