The Start of the Coup....

I had plans for today.

I have red geraniums, blue Lobelia and sweet Alyssum to plant in my front hanging baskets.
My lawn also needs cutting. But that can wait. It's not high on my list of priorities.

But as the french say, "Il pleut" Il pleut chien et chats, I say. So no planting today.

So I take my little cup of tea, my paintbrush and a pot of paint and....

First stage in my coup complete. I have begun to paint and clear the 'stuff' that I don't want. 

Is it blue or is it green? I have this argument with my kids.


  1. Thank you for your comment, I am sorry i haven't blogged for ages! i love your take over idea - good luck. in reply to your question i knitted the tea cozy but it was from a pattern. Great fun to make and it did earn lots of positive comments at camp and at work. See you soon i hope, best wishes Jane

  2. Thanks for visiting me, it's lovely meeting new people.
    I am wearing the necklace today so it's definitely mine!
    No answers at all after watching the Dr Who Con prog. We are all enjoying the series very much though.
    Looks like we are both in the midst of decorating and decluttering. Good luck with yours.
    Lisa x

  3. Red geraniums.... I LOVE red geraniums, so Parisien.

    I plant red geraniums every year. During the world cup (although I'm not really into football) I themed all the pots in red, white and blue and was thrilled with them.

    Having said that, this year I have decided to have a lilac and lemon colour scheme.

    LB x


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