Don't tell anyone.... but I'm staging a takeover.

We have several rooms in this house the distinct usage of which is undecided.

This is our study. The computer's there, the books are there and because of its proximity to the front door any charity bags and boxes tend to congregate there. And get stuck there for ages.

In any one week the room can have at least 2 children cluttering it up. Jimbo seems unable to go on the computer ( especially on the Lego site) without a pile of bricks brought from the bedroom. And they never make it all back. Have you noticed that?

 The Princess brings all her Littlest Pet Shop to watch Youtube, DP needs a pile of paper to record al the facts from obscure books and programmes that he is into. It's a mess.

But I have a dream. I have a really lovely dream.
I dream that one day the room will be computer free.

That the table will be clear and ready for a sewing machine.
That the shelves will be cleared of books we never read (or even use) and covered with baskets of yarn, material, books like this and this and this and that I will be able to sit there and create.
Virginia Woolf started me off.
Is that too much to ask?


  1. Wahooo!!! Great minds think alike! Youre now spurring me on to finish my little project. I'd love to paint my area but I cant move all the stuff and my pride won't allow me to simply paint around the furniture! I'm keeping the bin bag industry going at the mo!!


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