I so want to be a minimalist......

Or to live simply. But I'm afraid I don't know how. From my childhood and the infamous three footsteps rule (as long as there is space on the floor for three footsteps to get into bed, the bedroom doesn't need tidying) to my life now and the small room of which the door cannot open, nor the room be entered into, I am not a minimalist.
And yet, I see the attraction.
I love the books (Kindle books now, no space occupied and nobody needs to know I am reading yet another book on clearing clutter) but I fail miserably on the application.
And yet.....
I keep trying.
I have been trying to get more organised this week.
I reorganised the photos on my computer into files and am at this very second backing them up onto an sd card. I used the googledocs application on my phone to eliminate the need for a large notebook and diary in my handbag, slashing the size and the weight of said bag in one go. I organised my wardrobe, chucking the worn/unworn/unloved and keeping only the clothes I know I will wear. I've scanned pages from my many craft magazines and passed them on to better homes.  I'm working on the family room, chucking the broken and sending a lot off to charity. I feel sad I let it get this far. I feel I lost the point of life, which is not that the one with the most toys wins. And I worry that my children have already caught the more bug. I worry I won't be able to tell them 'stop! No! Don't do as I do, do what is right.' Is it too late for me and them? I hope not.
Life is full of second chances, Tomorrow (as Scarlett said) is another day.
And as long as there's laughter we'll get much done.


  1. Hi Jem. Thanks for popping by the cookie blog. Always nice to get new visitors :)
    Have you heard of/ tried the Flylady system? If you haven't you should check out their website. It completely changed my life in terms of Decluttering and cleaning. WWW.flylady.net.


  2. I absolutely agree with your aims! I want to be a minimalist, but with a crafting/yarn/baking habit, accumulate "stuff" everywhere I go!
    I'll be checking your blog to keep up progress, you must keep checking mine to keep me honest too!


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