I can't show you....

My study is painted!! Yes, finished (apart from the gloss) and lots of stuff in it already!
But DH is home and the children are around and the one thing I don't have time to do is upload photos.... so the finished (to a degree) product will have to wait. Tomorrow or tomorrow or tomorrow (to misquote Shakespeare) I will grab the precious time needed to get pictures on. I'm pleased with it.
And my long-time penpal from Germany is visiting in early July so I have a deadline to clear and clean the Family Room. Long enough to intensively work on it, get rid of all the baby stuff (my youngest is 9) and make it a truly multi-purpose room. Probably a good chance of painting it, too. That would be fun! Have a good week, I may post again if I get the chance. I want to show you my knitting, and my crochet and my cross stitch and my sewing treasures that I now have on an ever-growing craft list.


  1. Wow - you sound busy! I can't believe you have time for crafting with all that going on. Looking forward to seeing your photos.
    Cathy XX

  2. Hello and thanks for popping by!
    Today was a stinker weatherwise, but I managed to get some crochet done which was lovely!
    Love the colour you have chosen for your study, very pretty!
    Rachel x


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