We sit and watch, we sit and wait...

Will enough snow fall to make school late?

I'll leave you to guess whose fervent wishes are for more snow and who (which mother) is ambivalent to another couple of days with three in a room and too much to do to DO anything sensible; perhaps I should teach the boys to knit, or make cakes to decorate, but I can't get them off the TV, the computer, the Wii.......

Oh blow it. I'll go for the more snow option. It's time the lads learnt to sew.


  1. I know how you feel! Both nursery and school have been shut and hubby has been working from home. They are all driving me nuts with squabbles over which tv channel to watch, which Wii game to play and who can get their hands on the laptop first. Can't wait for everything to get back to normal so I can have my nice quiet mornings with Tiddler again!

  2. This made me laugh! I can't believe all that snow, it's so hard to imagine here. Especially as we are having a heat wave and i've just got back from a twilight swim in the local lake. But I can relate to the stir crazy with kids thing...it's hard after a long break when you are looking forward to a bit of 'me' time. Love your blog, thanks for having me xo

  3. Hahaha -- I think you're right! What a better place this world would be if our boys were sewing with the rest of us!


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