Comfort food.

I poured my lunch out yesterday and carried it in to the living room, put it on the chest and went off to get something. The irony/suitability of where I'd put it didn't occur to me until later. See the magazine?

Broccoli and stilton soup. The broccoli had been gradually browning at the back of my fridge, the stilton was left over from Christmas. I softened an onion, a stick of celery finely chopped and the broccoli, diced for want of a better description, and then added two potatoes peeled and chopped. A litre of water from the kettle and a good simmer later, my soup was done. I put in some stilton, seasoned to taste and whizzed it to a pulp in my mixer.

It is heavenly. Real comfort food, as the snow fell slowly past the window.

I also couldn't resist the next magazine front. Is 2010 your happy year? What are you doing to be happy?


  1. I'm going to try to get some crafty time. If I do I'll be a very happy bunny!

  2. yes, really.

    and am hoping for a happy 2010 as well.

    (pass some soup please? i'm hungry)

  3. That soup sounds both delicious and thrifty. Happy Year? I do hope so. Very much x

  4. sounds nice!!! Thanks for the message lady, I'm feeling better and being looked after by Ma and Pa, it'd still be good to meet up again though. I'm hoping to have a few days off in Feb so perhaps then?



  5. Hahaha -- the perfect place setting for your soup. Which looks delicious, by the way. As for happy? I'm reading your blog!

  6. I am making soup to be happy! Believe it or not I am getting a great deal of joy out of making tasty soup out of the manky veg in the bottom of my fridge!

  7. I'm going to try and exercise more, be more oganised, laugh more, not say yes to everything, keep my cool, find a decent pair of shoes, slow down a bit and spend lots of time with family & friends. My brother has just moved to Tasmania so I want to visit him too.I hope your 2010 is full of fun, love & new adventures xo


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