A Christmas Catch-up

Hello Everyone! It's twelfth night and I'm on a desperate catch up (again)

The children were off on a snow day yesterday and again today. It's lovely, but I had today down in my brain as a day for me after the holidays and madness that is a modern Christmas. Perhaps a coffee out, a walk through the park, and boxing up my decorations to the sound of Coldplay and Paloma. A sort of grown up wind down.

Instead, I'll be boxing up decorations accompanied by the strains of Mini Ninjas or Zelda Warrior Princess on the Wii. Thank goodness I got my MP3 player. At least I can be isolated from the round and round tunes in my head!

But I'm not complaining. Snow days (especially one as lovely and blue-skied as this one is promising) are days of grace, unexpected holidays and a source of memories for their futures. So, instead of my coffee, we'll have hot chocolate and marshmallows at home. Instead of my solitary walk, we'll walk to the chip shop for a warm cone of chips to eat as we make our breath stream like engines. And instead of boxing up the decorations with reverence and love, I'll do what I did last year and frantically shove them in a box (hopefully labelled right) and get them back into the garage a.s.a.p so that we can get out and enjoy our life together.... sounds fair enough. I'll have my grown up day tomorrow. (or Friday)


  1. Snow days are an unexpected bonus, so you have to make the most of them. I saw the news last night and you have far more snow than we do, so have fun!

    Happy New Year!

    Marie x


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