Alone again, naturally

They are all back in school! A house to myself.... several precious and shining hours alone to pass with no one to talk to, no plans, no ultimate goal.
I love the occasional space to fritter and I have frittered many days away. I had every intention of frittering this one,but......
I found I felt lonely. Once they had all gone and I was washed, dressed, sitting on the settee and thinking, "What shall I do?" I find I miss them. They are not the constant millstone they used to be (who doesn't get the 24/7 nature of babies and toddlers; lovely suffocation) but independant and fun personalities. They're a background noise that I love.
There was no cure but to go out. So, reader, I set off with my notepad puter and got it fixed (after about a month incommunicado) which meant I spent a happy hour talking to the guy in Curry's. Back home, to watch Wallander in the original and to blog, perchance to dream. I have also done a load of washing, tidied the hall and made a filling for a mined beef pie.
I can always fritter tomorrow.


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