Crazy Brenda and a pot of tea.

Wow! I celebrated 1 week of really useful teaching yesterday with a trip to WH Smith's.... Miss Potter and National Treasure being (ahem) within my limits for DVDs I want to buy, they came home with me. I watched National Treasure last night with the children, but this afternoon I have sat for about an hour watching Miss Potter. I like Ewan McGregor & I find Renee Zellwegger's english accent fascinating, so it's quite easy to waste time watching, when I have bedrooms to sort, a new blanket to crochet and 'things to do' that don't involve sitting down and resting. But, perhaps I needed to rest. Perhaps I needed that hour to help me relax and think things through. Like a decent walk, it's a break.

I am enjoying my work, thank you. I have some small groups to teach and a little Chinese lad who has fallen behind and needs one to one just for 20 minutes a day. It is so good to spend time with children and see them learning. I came home today buzzing because I could see an improvement just from last week. And tomorrow I get to spend time in reception, my favourite year.

Oh, and Crazy Brenda? Well, when I was 18 and never likely to get married ever (there was only one boy I liked and he was too shy to ask me out) we went to Hilltop in Sawrey and saw Beatrix Potter's place. I read her biography, and my heartless, mean brothers teased me that I, too, would end up an old maid and marry a lawyer when I was ancient. Ha. But their nickname for her was Crazy Brenda (Potty Beatrix, you see?) and it has stuck so that even now we in the family call her Crazy Brenda. Tales of Crazy Brenda, has quite a ring, don't you think? See y'all now!


  1. Crazy Brenda? Hahaha!!! I loved Miss Potter -- it was at the top of my Christmas list and I was lucky enough to get it. Now just to have the time to watch it again. I adored that they put just that tiny bit of animation in -- so magical! Love your attitude about the little boy that fell behind. So often I find teachers that are annoyed by the ones who fall behind. I never understood that -- I thought the point of teaching was to help and I would think the joy would be in helping those that are behind. Just like the joy in having your hour to think! ;-)

  2. Fabulous. I'm so glad you are enjoying your work, and...can I just say that I ADORED Miss Potter. My husband loved the movie...until the sad part (see? I'm not spoiling it! Every movie has a sad part! ha!). He got very mad...and said he didn't like the movie any more. I think he was expecting a happy ending. ;-)

  3. ooh I've been to hilltop, once when I was little and once when I went on holiday with the kids and took them there.
    I loved Miss Potter but I didn't like Renee Zellwegger as Beatrix, I just keep seeing Bridget Jones painting pictures of bunnies and mice.
    And yes I think it's good you got a rest, you've been working hard! I am so glad the job is going so well!

  4. Love the Crazy Brenda bit! It's good to hear you sounding positive about the schoolwork too - I can imagine it's very satisfying being able to fill a child's mind with possibilities.

  5. I fear I shall not like Miss Potter.... I think that casting Renee (not a huge fan) in the lead role was a little odd... so I haven't bothered. I do love "crazy Brenda" though and I'm glad you enjoyed it! although I've never heard of National Treasure?
    Hope all is well with you!

  6. I am glad work is going well for you. I received Miss Potter and have yet to watch it - I do like RZ and hope she is good in the role but I like Ewan McGregor even better!


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