I should be working, but....

DH has taken the kids out, I'm on the computer and, like the chocolate biscuits in the barrel, the blog page calls my name. What's a girl to do? I cannot spend time today looking....much as I would love a Sunday afternoon with my friends.... I must get letter cards cut and laminated by 9am tomorrow when I want to use them in a lesson..... farewell, cruel world. I'd forgotten, teachers get homework too!
(The image is from this website..... but used without permission. Will they forgive me?)


  1. Two of my friends began working last year at a primary school. They are both incredibly busy now, in and out of school, planning what to do next etc. One is a TA for art and she spends her days up to her ears in Art supplies, and the other is a TA who works with children with behavioural problems. I myself worked voluntary for a lot of the time my daughter was in primary school and I was always exhausted. You are doing a great job and it will settle down soon and then you'll have time to browse the blogs at your leisure... say in the Summer holidays ;)

  2. hehe that's the one thing that puts me off teaching atm - all that paperwork and bringing the work home *sigh*... hope you got all the letters sorted - are they for jolly phonics?? Wow how I wish we'd had jolly phonics when I was a child!

  3. Do they ever!!! As do their other halves. I have just spent two hours test driving a make your own Greek Urn papier machie project! Apparently I have the mental and artisitc apptitude of a year 5!

  4. If they won't forgive you, then we will, on their behalf ! ~ JUlia x

  5. Eeep, I hope you get your homework done too - as a child of a head teacher I feel your pain, Sundays were usually in part spent doing prep-work for the week ahead. Hope it went well!


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